Beneful Dog Food Provides Food For A Complete and Healthy Dog Diet

When a person thinks about pet food, Purina is one of the first names that come to mind. This is because Purina has been feeding pets for over 80 years. They have a passion for pets that has pushed the company beyond providing pet nutrition forward, they have also gone into partnerships to bring awareness to the world what pets truly need. They know firsthand how powerful the bond of a pet can be and they promote pet welfare. Purina Beneful works hard every day to conduct industry leading research on the wellbeing of pets.

Purina creates food that nourishes the whole pet. They create a diet for pets that enable them to have energy to chase a ball or capture a feather and with top of the line nutrition that will keep a pet with their family for years. Their team of over 400 scientists includes nutritionists on who work on making pets lives everywhere better. They conduct extensive studies of their formulas to find how they will affect pets today and in the future. They fully understand the need to provide the best for pets and to ensure they lead a long a healthy life.

The Purina Research and Development Center in Missouri and St. Louis both work around the clock to research what will make pets’ lives better. They spend countless hours studying issues from pet obesity to figuring out which nutrients work best for aging pets. Assisting in their own research they also fund work by veterinary universities around the world which share their beliefs in providing high quality care and compassion for pets.

Purina ensures that only quality ingredients are used in their pet food products. Many of the same locations human food comes from are used to provide those ingredients. They use only U.S.D.A. certified facilities for the meat products used in their foods. Only a few vendors have been able to pass the standards required to provide wheat or supplements for use in creating Purina pet food products.

One of the top pet food brands carried by the Purina is the Beneful Dog Food. The dog food contains real meats and vitamin rich vegetables for a complete and balanced diet for dogs. Beneful carries eight dry dog food varieties that contain some of dog’s favorite flavors. There are twenty varieties of wet dog foods that are sure to please all pets. Beneful varieties range from diets for puppies to the aging dog needing less energy and more nutrition. All Beneful products contain 100% of the nutrients a dog needs. The dog food varieties focus on the whole dog and the nutrients needed to provide; healthy coats, healthy brains and eyes, strong muscles, healthy skin and everything a dog needs to thrive in a healthy lifestyle.

Exciting Facts You Never Knew About Skout

As the social world keeps evolving, programmers and developers have not been left behind and their efforts to making social life better cannot be overlooked. The modern world has experienced many technological changes, most of which have helped make life better by minimizing the gap between individuals. Skout is a premium developer of dating and social applications as well as websites. The Skout app has been especially applauded for offering a platform where individuals can meet up with potential partners and has enabled any people to change their dating lives. Skout is available for users both on Android as well as iOS systems. Apart from having a reliable application that many people have used to connect with others, Skout has also invested in creating a website where potential couples can meet.

For an easier experience locating a partner, Skout offers a well designed interface on that allows users to easily search through different individuals. The application is created to offer convenience and ease for all types of users. One is presented with many options for searching individual members. This includes age based criteria that allows the user to have a list of people who lie between a certain age brackets. This makes it easier to locate the specific partner one wants. Other criteria used include occupation, location and so on. Skout is therefore arguably one of the easiest applications to use as far as the dating world is concerned.

One of the best features that have made Skout a leading dating application is the fact that users can easily share photos among each other. There is no limit to the number of images one can upload. This may be through the public domain, or one can choose to send another user through their messaging box. Skout allows for more flexibility and is specifically created to take care of the needs of the user. One of the things that have attracted so many people to use the application is because it offers more flexibility when compared to other applications. It is fairly compatible with different operating systems and users can as well access the database though their computers. The charges offered to use the application are also reasonable and within the ability of most people who want to connect with people who can later become their love partners. The interface is impressive and all features that are needed are clearly visible for easy access. In an expert’s view, Skout is a perfect creation that offers not only fun, but also allows people to easily get connected.

Security is an aspect that most users dread about when joining different forums. This is mainly because there are all kinds of people online, and others may use dubious means to fleece members. For this reason, Skout offers easy security guidelines that every member is supposed to understand. This has helped minimize theft of information as the application does not allow public access to crucial personal details that can be used against the welfare of a member.

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Why Businesses Need To Follow Environmental Laws

Frans Schoeman is the Director at Phatsima Diamond on crunchbase, a Bellville (South Africa) based law firm that ensures corporations are following the law. The biggest project overseen by Frans Schoeman and his company is a mining concession in Angola. The job of Frans Schoeman is taking care of all the environmental laws and regulations and ensuring that companies understand both their rights and their responsibilities when it comes to operations like this.

The world is slowly changing and governmental organizations are realizing that if proactive measures aren’t taken then a lot of future problems could occur. So, why should businesses follow and embrace environmental laws? Here are a few reasons –

Companies Operate On a Large Scale and Cause Environmental Damage On The Same Scale – Companies typically have a wide range of operations, from offices to factories and overseas operations. This means that their work and processes have effects that go beyond the boundaries of their own nations. Thus, when they do something good, the benefits percolate to the lowest rungs but when they cause damage, that too has far reaching effects. By following environmental laws, companies can ensure that the extent of their damage is limited as much as possible. This would help bring the world and public into the equation and set an example for others to follow.

The Best Way To Utilize Resources Is By Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices – Companies don’t realize that they stand to gain a lot from following environmental laws and regulations. These laws were made keeping the greater good in mind and when this is being said, it is not just the environment that is being talked about. When environmental friendly practices are employed by companies and laws are followed, the operations become a lot more efficient. The full potential of resources is realized and wastage is minimized as much as possible. Not just that, companies also understand that disposing of waste should be done in accordance with the environmental laws.

Companies That Follow Environmental Laws Have Added Perks Like Tax Rebates – Various governments reward companies that have realized their responsibilities towards the environment and are following environmental laws to prove it. These companies are rewarded by tax cuts and rebates because the government wants more people and organizations to follow their shining example. This, in turn, reduces cost of companies and when added with cost efficiency and lack of wastage, the finances of companies are positively affected.

Brand Image Is Improved In The Short and Long Term – Given how competitive the corporate world has become, companies are always trying to beat each other in terms of brand awareness, customer loyalty and brand image. All these three things can be achieved in one swipe by simply following environmental laws. Companies that are known to have green practices are lauded by customers for their sensitivity and attract a larger portion of new subscribers to their products and services. This is because even customers care about whether companies are on board with environmental laws or not.

This is why companies need people like Frans Schoeman and Phatima Diamond to ensure they understand their role in the environment.

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Why Hire Professional House Cleaning Service

Are you too busy to do your own cleaning? Want to find a reliable home cleaning service? Many people are in need of quality house cleaning and wonder what they can expect from a house cleaning company.

Professional home cleaners provide a very valuable service in our society. They cater to the need of those who have a hectic schedule or who do not like do their own house cleaning.

Reputable cleaning professionals never miss a detail. Their residential house cleaners thoroughly clean every area of your residence based on your customized request. As their professional maid service or house cleaners move through every room in your home, they dust every space, top to bottom, left to right.

Starting with dust that clings to light fixtures and ceiling fans, and cobwebs hiding in corners, their maids work top down – thoroughly cleaning every space. This efficient cleaning method helps corral dirt and dust, allowing for easier removal from your living space.

Moving from one space to another, including the ceiling, counters, shelves, furniture and other surfaces in your home, their highly trained professionals handle delicate items with utmost care. They dust the floorboards and ensure clean surfaces, then begin cleaning specific rooms, including wiping surfaces to eliminate cold-causing germs, harmful bacteria and allergens.

Your home cleaning service includes thorough finishing details, such as emptying wastebaskets and straightening linens that will ensure the appeal of a professionally cleaned home, giving your home a fresh look you can enjoy.

Professional home cleaning from a reliable company means that your entire house receives the proper attention it deserves. Maid services and home cleaners have a detailed checklist to make every crevice, detail and crack sparkles. Professionals sanitize and wash toilets, showers and vanities. They sanitize and wash counter tops, wipe tables, chairs and cupboard fronts. When it comes to living rooms, professionals clean under couch cushions, dust and clean glass and wood surfaces.

When you need to hire a cleaning service, it’s imperative that you choose wisely. Look for a company that has a track record of providing excellent service. There are many companies out there offering residential cleaning service but not all of them are created equal.

Even though a lot of these cleaning services do a good job, some are better than others in many aspects. It is advisable to go with a company that comes highly recommended in the industry. That’s why you need to consider Handy Home Cleaning Service.

Handy provides customized home cleaning services throughout the country. The company has been in the residential cleaning business for many years, and has numerous satisfied customers. Handy has a team of well trained professionals who ensures that the customer is delighted with the service they receive. They have always done a great and thorough job, and you will love the smell and fresh look of your home. Handy offers a variety of home cleaning services, and they make it extremely easy and fast to request service.

Eucatex, A Variety Of Products From Eucalyptus Fiber

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Eucatex has taken an international lead in wood products production – and all are made from milled eucalyptus trees. Eucatex makes laminate flooring, wall partitions, doors, MDF and T-HDF panels, ceiling tiles, paints and several types of hardboard.

The demand for Eucatex products is so great, the company sustains its own trees, harvesting millions of acres of five different species of eucalyptus trees each year. The trees are planted from seedlings and grown on plantations in Brazil.

Responsible use of resources and focused dedication to the environment are front and center in the mission statement at Eucatex. Their community and employee focus has made a positive impact in the capitals of Brazil.

Eucatex began in 1951 as Serraria Americana, a small sawmill in Sao Paulo. In 1954, organized and growing, the company became Eucatex, and continued to grow. The only products at the time were softboard and ceiling tiles, sold only in Brazil. In 1965, the company began exporting wood panels and ceiling tiles. Success followed.

In 1994, the company began to market the paints and varnishes it had always used in production. These lines, too, are exported to many countries.

They’ve continued to add product lines, now operating three production facilities in Brazil and three international offices. Exports, to 50 different countries, make up the majority of sales.

The president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, also serves at Grand Food – grains and sugarcane also grown from with sustainable methods. A mechanical engineer and native of Sao Paulo, Maluf is a graduate of the famed college, FAAP, in Brazil.

Eucatex products are used in commercial and residential construction, plus the furniture and auto industries. Big-box stores in the United States feature Eucatex flooring and panels.

The company is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council and also boasts a FSC Green Label certification, meaning the product can be traced from seedling to final installation.

Eucatex has won 50+ awards for product quality, environmental protection, community service and business acumen. Most recently, ‘Projecto Design’ magazine named Eucatex a ‘top brand’ in the laminate flooring division.

Noticias says that Eucatex’s 2014 net revenue was $255 million. 2015 is expected to break sales records, as exports have increased by 60 percent.

Building Wealth With Highland Capital


There are many people in the United States that work for decades and never build any wealth. This happens as a result of excessive spending and poor planning for the future. Investment banks like Highland Capital attempt to help people plan out their financial future. Many people have such a poor base of knowledge in finance that any extra help can go a long way. The good news is that once a plan is set, building wealth is really not that complicated in many cases. The average American makes enough money every month that they can build sizable amounts of wealth over the long term. Here are several ways that Highland Capital helps its customers in managing their finances.

Financial Planning

Making a plan for the future is one of the most essential elements of financial planning. People are going to have different dreams and goals in life. Financial plans should follow these specifications. The great thing about Highland Capital is that they spend the time on the front end to figure out what their clients’ goals and dreams are. This helps Highland Capital plan out investing strategies that coincide with these goals. Highland Capital is one of the best in the industry because they treat their customers like real people. Not only is the investing performance better, but customers feel as though they matter to the company.

James Dondero

James Dondero has done a great job of building Highland Capital to the company that it is today. As the founder and President of the company, James Dondero has played a huge role in the company’s success over the long term. James Dondero has always been concerned about the needs and wants of his customers. Highland Capital has a reputation for being one of the most customer focused investment banks in the industry. All of this is due to the vision of James Dondero on Anyone that is wanting to build a company should study how he built up Highland Capital.


Building wealth is something that many people in the United States are not good at. There are many ways in which people can get help with their finances. One of the most common ways is to seek the advice of an investing professional. Highland Capital is an investment bank that helps clients with their financial goals and dreams. Highland Capital has a great track record of success in adding value to their customers. James Dondero is the founder and President of Highland Capital and has done a great job of leading the company over the past several years. In a time when many banks are not trusted, Highland Capital stands out with its high rate of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

New York Real Estate Gains Popularity With Chinese Nationals

The real estate sector of New York City is one again alive and thriving. The city is a hot spot for a variety of well sought after real estate. This was clearly evident in a recent news article that was published on The Real Deal.

The article, title Chines Are Spreading Their Wings In NYC, discusses how Chinese nationals are looking at NYC luxury real estate for prospective properties to purchase. There are several reasons why these individuals are looking to purchase properties in this city. One main reason is that statistically New York City is the safest major city in the Unites States, as stated in the article. Another reason is that the city offers prospective buyers a wide variety of properties to choose from. According to the press release, the average purchase price that this group of prospective buyers is looking at is between $800,000 and $2,000,000.

Several individuals were interviewed for The Real Deal’s article. Stephen Kliegerman was one of these indivdiuals. Mr. Kliegerman is the president of Halstead Property Development Marketing. Douglas Elliman Broker, and reality TV star, Fredrick Eklund was also interviewed and stated that there was a new wave of development starting in the city. Andrew Heiberger, Town Residential CEO, was also interviewed and discussed the difference in the Chinese and United States real estate financing regulations and expectations. All three are prominent players in the real estate market of New York City. These gentlemen also told the reporter where there dream locations within the city are located.

Town Residential is one of the top real estate companies in the New York City area. They employ dozens of real estate agents, each with their own specialties. The company is involved in all aspects of the real estate market including, new construction, resales, leasing, and even marketing.

There are many new players in the real estate market. Many of these individuals are foreign national buyers, such as the new influx of Chinese buyers. The city of New York has a wide variety of real estate properties for prospective buyers to choose from. In a recent news article, on The Real Deal, key players in the market discuss this new influx of buyers and the challenges they may face.

Getting an Outdoor Sanctuary in New York City

Many people come to New York City for it’s many conveniences. It has a great public transportation system, great career opportunities, and social and culinary events. One thing it lacks though it private outdoor spaces though lots of people make due with the public parks spread across the city.

For those looking for a private outdoor space they will find a lot of competition for those spaces. And with good reason; lots of people want to have a small area to barbecue, to simply sit outside, or for the simple status symbol associated with having a private space.

This competition for this space has led to a bit of a price war for these properties that only the wealthiest can afford. A recent article by the New York Times Real Estate section has highlighted the search for homes for sale with outdoor spaces that cost less than $500,000 across the city on NYC luxury real estate.

Of course, the size and space of the outdoor spaces, as well as the indoor spaces that they are attached to, vary significantly from area to area. Manhattan homes with outdoor spaces tend to be the sparsest and most expensive outdoor spaces with small patios or balconies being much coveted. A Brooklyn condo showed an outdoor patio that was virtually the same size as the indoor space. A Bronx apartment had a small backyard, but no grass. As such, the article highlighted the major trade off that people had to be prepared to make when searching for an apartment for less than $500,000.

The face of the article that shines through in the article is that apartments with outdoor spaces are available to buyers in this price range, though they are not all that common. All of this highlights the importance of choosing the right real estate agency when trying to find an specialized apartment such as one with outdoor space. One real estate agency with a lot of experience in selling these apartments with outdoor spaces is Town Residential Real Estate which can help to locate the right apartment, temper the enthusiasm of the buyer with experience, and help the buyer to understand how apartments with outdoor space are priced and the trade offs that typically need to be made when choosing these spaces. Using an experienced real estate agent like Town Residential is essential with these specialized apartments and the care of a full service agency is needed, as these apartments go quickly.

OrganoGold Has Had A Lot Of Success

OrganoGold is a company that has been gaining a lot of popularity because of the unique product that it is marketing. This company is on a mission to change people’s lives through the Chinese herb, Ganoderma,and they have been able to already make a big impact on many people. Those who try out this product and know all of the benefits that it has are very happy with it. They are grateful to the company, and to the people who are working for it, for putting so much effort into getting this herb known.

In order for a company to succeed at spreading the news of the product that they are selling they need to have a lot of passion for it. They need to feel strongly about it and give the company their all. And that is why OrganoGold has been doing so well. It is because the people who are working for them love the product that they are distributing so much, and because they want to see the company succeed.

Bernardo Chua started this company because of his love for the Chinese herb Ganoderma. He, along with the help of a few others, got the company up and running and now it is doing big things. He has been able to share his love for this herb with many people, and he is proud of himself for being able to do that.

There are many companies that start off thinking that they will be able to do some big things, but that never really take off. Thankfully for the people who started OrganoGold, their company has succeeded better than most. The passion that has been put into this company has made it have success in ways that many other companies can only hope to one day succeed.

Animal Activism From New York to Britain

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak, protecting those that cannot protect themselves against the callousness of humanity. These are just some of the tenets that many animal rights activists live. For decades and by various methods animal activism has remained strong in protecting the creatures of the world.
Those creatures that coexist on our planet, be they wild exotic beasts, or domesticated livestock, have always been under scrutiny as being simple minded things that were put on the planet for humanity’s whims. In certain parts of the world bears and monkeys are tortured in order for them to play simple instruments or ride on tricycles. While chickens have their beaks removed and are genetically modified to be more commercially viable. These beings are left at the mercy of cruel masters without many to stand for them.
From the seas where documentarians record their actions while protecting whales from Japanese whalers. To biologists and naturalists who live alongside great apes while trying to keep them safe. Former soldiers living in Africa on nature preserves to stop ivory poaching, to students chaining themselves to trees so a habitat can go unharmed. The desire to guard Earth’s fauna remains strong in the hearts of many.
It is these activists who protect the animals of the world. Through their efforts animal activists have led to new ideas and notions of protecting our wildlife. In these few outspoken and active individuals, we are reminded that if the animals disappear we are surely next.
Many activists seek their roles in the likes of Keith Mann, an animal activist hailing from Britain. From an early age working on a farm Mann was instilled with the idea that animals deserved the same rights and qualities to life as people. While considered extreme by some, Mann’s works extends from simple awareness seminars, to times spent in animal sanctuaries. Recently, Keith Mann has turned to mainstream politics in order to represent not just animals, but animal rights activists as well.
The desire to protect animals and give them a voice is an idea that transcends distance. From New York to Keith Mann’s Britain, humans can be linked by the desire to assist the other beings of the planet.