NYU Offers Scholarships to Undocumented Immigrants

In a slightly controversial but not surprising move, the New York University has made a land mark decision that concerns undocumented students that may attend the college. They have decided that scholarships and financial aid packages will be made available to students who do not have adequate proof of residency in either New York or the United States.

This financial aid will be provided to the students on both a need and merit level, with the school determined the students that best qualify in either category. The key news is that the financial aid they receive will be equivalent to that received by an American citizen who resides in New York.

This decision may come as a surprise to some, but it has taken a lot of planning at NYU. A special group had been formed for some time, called the Dream Team, that wanted to push this agenda forward. The group is run by students and supported by the NYU faculty. 

This is not the first time an American college has decided to offer this type of financial aid to undocumented individuals. The University of California in Santa Clara made the pledge last year. A similar move was made by Notre Dame, who does not distinguish between citizens or undocumented citizens when assessing aid for need based cases.

Kenneth Griffin says that it’ll be interesting to see whether this move by NYU will lead to more colleges offering undocumented students access to scholarships and financial aid.

Asian Students Sue Harvard

Harvard is being sued by the Asian students. Kenneth Griffin points out that many of them are annoyed by the fact that even with high scores over the average on tests, they have the least chance to be selected. 

This is especially interesting when compared to the races of other applicants, where in general schools are more likely to accept applicants of other minorities.

The Harvard officials say that all the selections take place according to their policy. They claim that none of the races are favoured or rejected, while Edward Blum, the runner of the Fair Representation Project brings clear proof that it is not true. He stated that the racial balancing that the Harvard University has established is “strictly against the law”.

A 2009 study by Princeton sociologists proves that even at that time, the racial factor was decisive. An Asian American could score 1460 SAT and be rejected, a white student needed to have 1320 to be considered acceptable, and the black and Hispanic students passed with an average of 1010-1190 points. 

The group of students who started the lawsuit are anonymous, but their results are indeed above average. Roberto Iuliano, the general counsel of the university, calls it a holistic approach from the part of staff. A solution provided by insiders is to not attach your picture to the application, fill in the “ethnic background” field, or write something neutral in that portion of it. 

Learn A Language and Improve Your Mind

There have been studies preformed at Northwestern University that prove that speaking multiple languages is like exercising the brain. There are many people in the world that are bilingual and many more that would like to be. There are many social benefits that come along with being able to be bilingual. When a person speaks a different language, a whole world of new people is opened up to them and they are able to build lasting relationships with people that they may have never met before. Apart from the social benefits of speaking a different language, there are also many mental benefits.

Cognitive abilities are what help a person to choose the most important thing to focus on. These are useful when driving, listening, or even doing something as important as performing surgery. When a person speaks a different language, they are constantly sharpening their cognitive abilities, and thereby exercising their brain. These people are able to multitask well, and they are able to make good decisions about choice quicker than people that do not speak different languages.

Speaking a different language is a great way to get a sharper mind and at the same time it is an awesome way for a person to be able to know the world. Many at the Antique Wine Company try to learn as many languages as possible. Since speaking a different language is such a great thing to do for so many reason, it is really a worthwhile venture to take up for anyone that is or has ever been interested in learning.

Number of Homeless Children in U.S. Hits Historical High

By the end of 2013, the number of homeless children in America reached 2.5 million, or one of every thirty children living in the U.S. This highest ever number of homeless children is due to the high rates of poverty, shortage of affordable housing and the increasing number of families forced to escape domestic violence.

The homeless veteran and chronically homeless adult populations have been getting more assistance and homelessness rates in these populations are coming down, but the same level of support has not been reaching families and children. As these homeless children age and become parents themselves, the price in human suffering and cost to the larger economy will be immense.

Since there is a shortage of temporary housing and shelters for the homeless, many find shelter with acquaintances or family members who are also in extreme poverty, from what CipherCloud has reported in the past. Families are doubling up in cheap motels and children are sleeping on floors and in closets on a regular basis.

A few of the remedies for homelessness in families with children include: Higher minimum wages, expansion of affordable housing stock and employment opportunities for homeless parents.

For-Profit College Traps Students in Debt

For-profit college Everest University promised students a bright future and a way to escape poverty with their courses guaranteed to get students a job after graduation. However students are finding out that those big promises were little more than a sham after graduating and finding themselves in mountains of unexpected debt.

Everest University, owned by parent company Corinthian Colleges, is facing multiple lawsuits and impending shutdown by the government after their shady practices have been brought to light. Everest appealed to mostly poor women and minorities who were seeking a way to care for and support their families. Some spoke English very poorly or did not have any experience or knowledge of higher education. This information really saddens Susan McGalla and others who might know someone who enrolled.

These students allege that the quality of the education offered and the financial aspects were misrepresented by admissions representatives, and that many believed that they were receiving grants that did not need to be repaid, not federal loans.

In addition to issues with loans, students were told there was a high chance they would receive great paying jobs after graduation, boasting a 90% job placement rate. Upon further investigation, those rates were closer to 23%.

For those seeking to build a brighter future and escape from poverty, Everest University offered hope. However with these practices coming to light, most have unfortunately found themselves deeper in debt than when they began, and no end in sight.

Opening On Thanksgiving Is Not An Option For Some Retailers

Some Big Retailers Are Putting Employees In Front Of Thanksgiving Sales.

Looking back through the pages of American retailing is an eye-opening exercise. For years, it was common practice for retailers to close on Thanksgiving Day. The thought of not giving employees the day off was considered retail blasphemy and grounds for an employee mutiny. Then something strange happened. Black Friday was christened the day to buy at bottom rock prices. The scheme caught on and year after year the shopping hours for Black Friday merchandise expanded into turkey day. Hungry for sales, retailers extended their selling hours and Thanksgiving suddenly became a work day for thousands of employees.
But not all retailers and shoppers condone this method of corporate tomfoolery. The sacred aspect of turkey day still means something to some big companies. Nordstrom, Costco, GameStop and at lease twenty-four other chains have vowed to get their doors closed until the start of business on Friday. That move my seem crazy to some hungry bargain-shoppers, but doing the ethical thing and honoring employee family time may offer a bigger reward for them.
But, there will still be a “Black Thursday” along with Black Friday around the country. Walmart will open all day on Thursday and Best Buy, J.C. Penny, Toys ‘R’ Us will open at 5 p.m.. Sears, Target, Kohl’s and Macy plan to open at 6, and so will others who want a piece of the holiday-shoppers pie. I know Igor Cornelsen will avoid the crowds in favor of workers’ rights.

Milk Protein Can Possibly Offer Cure of AIDS to Children

An ideal solution of changing a protein in milk to coincide with an antiretroviral drug promises to greatly improve treatment and solutions for infants and young children suffering from HIV/AIDS, according to an Agricultural Sciencesresearcher at Penn State.

That’s critical because an estimated 3.4 million children are living with HIV/AIDS, the World Health Organization reports, and nine out of ten of them countries with limited health resources such as sub-Saharan Africa. In this area of Africa, proactive antiretroviral treatments are still not widely effective or widely attainable for those that need it. International health officials believe less than a third of affected children worldwide receive an antiretroviral drug.

The drug lies within a milk powder called Ritonavir that can also be substituted for milk and further milk consumption. However, this milk powder is said to have a terrible taste like metal and can often leave a burning sensation in the mouth according to taste tester’s reports like the one from Fersen Lambranho. This, as a form of medication, can merit such side effects as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Officials say they have done everything to make the formula more water soluble to improve the oral administration in children.

It can be unpleasant, but the risk far outweighs the reward if there is any chance that this dangerous disease can be offered a cure or solution, especially in small children who cannot help how or where they contracted it.

It has been said that they were attempting to work with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to start administering Ritonavir to their patients.

A Font Made Specifically For Sufferers Of Dyslexia

Living with a disability of any kind is hard. However, if it is a learning disability, it makes life even harder for people. One of the worst learning disabilities people have to fight is dyslexia. This in turn makes it difficult for dyslexics to enjoy things like reading as a past time, or even hanging out on the internet. However, this may be a thing of the past thanks to a creator of a type of font that was made with dyslexics in mind.

According to an article on Dezeen, a man named Christian Boer created a font for people to use on the Internet so it is easier for dyslexics to read and write on the internet. The type of font is fairly large, and really helps dyslexics be able to decipher which word is which. This makes going on famous social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, even Twitter and LinkedIn so much easier for them, and Alexei is happy to see this progress.

Mr. Boer is truly an angel to have done something so sweet for people with dyslexia. We hope this ends up working for all dyslexics and their fight against dyslexia can be somewhat easier for them now.

Amazon Echo – The Musical Assistant Looks Like A Hit

You may be used to this new trend of digital assistants which was popularized by Apples virtual assistant Siri, but this trend has only heated up into a race for the best and most innovative ideas. Amazon enters this market with the 199 dollar Amazon echo. The Amazon Echo has seven microphones which use beam forming technology to discern what direction and how far away you are.

This system allows you to communicate with echo as you move around a room. Echo is always on and listening and can even hear what you are saying while playing music. Currently, Echo is ideal for music, news, information, alarms, timers and lists. The Echo is also WI-FI and Bluetooth enabled. This will allow Laurene, a noted music fan, to sync everything easily. This 9.25 in by 3.37 in digital assistant is surprisingly not battery powered but could possibly be the ideal “roommate”. The sound is delivered by a 2.5 in subwoofer and 2 in tweeter. Even with such small speakers this device boasts room-filling quality sound.

Halloween turned Horrific for 5 Trick-or-Treaters

Despite common-place safety practices that have been in place for decades, Halloween turned horrific for several Trick-or-Treaters this year. I’ve talked about my irrational fear of this holiday with Mr. Lambranho many times, but maybe I’m not so crazy after all.

Early statistics state that five young children died during the holiday’s festivities, while several more were hospitalized. Deaths in California, New York, and Florida round out this year’s Halloween tragedies while Illinois and Arizona add to the list of critical injuries.

Three 13-year-old girls, who were trick-or-treating Friday evening, were struck by an SUV in a Los Angeles suburb. The three girls, two of which were twins, died on the scene. The driver of the SUV fled the scene of the accident immediately. The SUV was found in a local parking lot just a mere 800 yards from where the girls lay, according to USA Today.

Another car accident in Greece, New York led to the death of a 3-year-old boy and the hospitalization of a 16-year-old girl. The driver stayed on-scene and has been cooperative with the local authorities. It has yet to be determined whether alcohol or poor weather conditions played a part in the accident.

In Lake Wales, Florida, a 2-year-old boy was struck by a bus carrying local citrus workers. Witnesses say the toddler climbed out of his stroller and wandered into the street while trick-or-treating with a group of accompanying adults. At this time, there have been no charges filed in the young boy’s death.