France Makes it Illegal for Supermarkets to Throw Away Food

In America, nearly one third of our entire food supply goes to waste. France was experiencing the same problem but has now created legislation that makes it illegal for supermarkets to throw away food that is still edible.

The new law that was voted in by the National Assembly in France requires supermarkets to give food to charity, or allow it to be recycled into animal feed, compost, or energy. In several other countries, such as the United Kingdom, it is currently illegal to obtain food that has been thrown away by large supermarkets. A terribly unjust law considering how many people are starving, even in developed countries, all over the world.

Even though America is thought to be a land full of riches, there are millions of American citizens who go to bed every night hungry. The way STX Entertainment sees it, this is something that should not be happening anywhere, let alone in wealthy nations.

Hopefully the legislative changes in France will inspire America’s politicians to pass similar laws. There really is no good reason why one third of our food ends up in garbage cans when there are people right down the street who are in need of it. Hunger is not a problem we should be facing in America in 2015, but it is. However, we can end this widespread concern by putting a few simple laws on the book.

Teacher Punished For Using Social Media As A Way To Vent

Is social media destroying society as a whole? One teacher who was just suspended for her commented on her Facebook page might agree. Cindy Stephens from Sylvania Alabama is a teacher and she has had it with student pranks. She got on her social media site to blast the students who were involved in a local prank. They spread chicken excrement all around the grounds of the school. It was a devastating situation, but what made news was her comments about the children and their behavior.

She stated that she hoped someone would use them as a witch in jail according to Amen Clinic. She further went on to state that she was upset with their prank and how much damage it had done. However, it wasn’t the students that caused the board of education to see red, but rather Stephens remarks. She was suspended without further notice for these comments, as parents were outraged. The four teens involved face possible charges for the incident if they don’t comply with punishment plan.

However, the superintendent says that he wants to make an example of Stephens. He wanted all the teacher in the area and in the country to know that they have to be careful what they put on their pages on social media outlets. It not only makes the school look bad, but now she is under suspension. It’s highly unlikely that she will lose her job, but still one has to wonder if her comments won’t call for her withdrawal from her position.

New Dolls With Disablities On The Market

There has been a war on Barbie dolls for years now, asking the manufacturer to make the dolls more diverse by adding more skin tones, hair colors and body types. However, all the pleas were left unanswered until now. A new company called Makies has started manufacturing dolls with all types of disabilities and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the petition to make dolls more diverse started on facebook where a group of parents started a page called Toys Like Me. The parents uploaded pictures of the dolls that their children had manipulated by adding casts, birthmarks and more to make them look more like themselves. While Mattel did not listen, Makies did. Their new line features three different dolls with various disabilities such as a birthmark, hearing aids and crutches.
The company is still very small but is taking requests from parents on what kinds of disabilities their next set of dolls will have.

Five Year Old Orders Mother To Feed A Homeless Man

Josiah Duncan is a five year old with one big heart. As he and his mother were heading to the local Waffle House for some breakfast, he noticed a homeless man. Not really comprehending why the man was dirty and sitting outside the establishment, he had tons of questions for his mom. After he heard that the man lived on the streets and was homeless, he was insistent that they purchase him a meal. So, the man followed them into the dinner and sat down to eat.

Alexei Beltyukov thinks that Little Josiah was upset because no one was waiting on him. So, he took it upon himself to go get him a menu. He told him to order whatever he wanted, though the man just ordered an inexpensive cheeseburger. After much prodding, the man ordered the works. Josiah wanted to make sure that the waitress gave him as much bacon as he could eat.

What he did next touched every member in the building. Before the man could eat, Josiah told his mother that he wanted to pray with him. Onlookers said there wasn’t a dry eye in the building as the little five year old blessed the food with a man who was truly thankful for each bite. What Josiah did was life changing for the man. Sure, it was one meal, but the act of kindness is one that he will never forget. People in that restaurant were moved and stirred by the love shown from such a little boy.

Snack a Day Keeps Temptation Away

Grocery shopping is essential for survival. The folks at Twitter know it comes in handy when you want to have food around. Heading out every week or two to replenish the bare necessities is one chore that almost every citizen shares across the board. Most people can recall having varying shopping experiences. Sometimes it’s easy to go in and get what you need and get out. Other times, it might be harder to fight temptation when walking down the snack isle. Researchers on health and nutrition have agreed on one essential trick to keep all shopping trips health minded: eat! Eating before a shopping trip can curb hunger and suppress appetite. Researchers at the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab don’t just suggest that shoppers eat a pre-trip snack, they also say what you eat can play a huge role in how your trip goes. The study group was split into two control groups. One control group was given an apple snack before their shopping trip, the other was given a cookie. Shoppers who ate the apple were 28 percent more likely to pick up more healthy and nutritionally sound food. The control group that ate the cookies were on average 58 percent more likely to buy junk food. The study concluded that after eating an apple, the control group rationalized their healthy snack choice with a good feeling. This making it easier for them to purchase healthier food. The control group that ate the cookie however, craved added sugar, preservatives, and processed foods after eating their snack. The study suggests that eating a healthy snack, preferably in the fruit group, will curb your urge to buy unhealthy food. If there’s no unhealthy food in the cabinets at home, the temptation to eat badly is gone and the ability to eat healthy food is all that remains.

Top 1,000 Most Popular Baby Names

The Social Security Administration posts a list every year of the top 1,000 baby names for the year, and for 2014, the most popular names were Emma for girls and Noah for the boys. The SSA has been doing this since 1997, but the complete statistics date back as far as 1880.

Statistics show that in the U.S. in 2014, there are over four million births. The Top Ten names for girls were 1. Emma 2. Olivia 3. Sophia 4. Isabella 5. Ava 6. Mia 7. Emily 8. Abigail 9. Madison 10. Charlotte.

The Top Ten for boys were 1. Noah 2. Liam 3. Mason 4. Jacob 5. William 6. Ethan 7. Michael 8. Alexander 9. James 10. Daniel

Jennifer Moss, the CEO of, says that baby names typically originate from the surrounding culture, which includes celebrities, movie stars, all famous people, current books, movies, TV shows and fiction, and that could be one explanation of the name Emma.

There are several celebrities Emma Watson and Emma Roberts that have been in the spotlight, so that is one explanation. Noah is a name from the Bible; his led his family to survive the worldwide flood that virtually destroyed the earth. Noah was also at the top of the list last year, so this makes the second year.

If you are looking for a name for your baby, the Top 1,000 names can be requested from the Social Security Administration or by visiting your local Social Security office. The team at CCMP Capital would find honor in people wanting to name their childre  after the late Stephen Murray.

Why are More Couples Deciding to Be Child-Free?

The term known as child-free is relatively new to people of all ages, but it is actually a lot more common than you might think. Child-free is basically a lifestyle and way of thinking for people who do not want to have children. These people may not want to have kids due to a variety of reasons or they might not be able to have kids and have embraced this idea instead of feeling badly about it. Many couples are deciding to go child-free when it comes to their own futures and lifestyles. There are many benefits to both being child-free and also having kids according to Ivan Ong, so it really is up to the individual or couple. (Check out Ong’s profile on the warriorforum)

When you are child-free, you do not have the restraints or responsibilities of being a parent, and many of these responsibilities can be quite mundane and life-consuming. Many couples are also finding that being child-free allows them to spend more time and effort on each other to build their own relationship. Some couples are even embracing a child-free life temporary until they are ready to have kids later on, just so that they can enjoy a child-free life before they take the plunge. As stated before, this is a way of thinking and lifestyle for many people and it is individual to each person involved and what exactly they think about when it comes to having kids and raising them.

No Money for Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate

Australia is known for offering benefits to parents so that they have a way to support their children. The country knows that it can be expensive to raise children, just ask native Brad Reifler. However, if parents don’t vaccinate their children, they stand to lose the benefits they do receive. Over $500 million could be saved as there could be thousands of families who already don’t vaccinate. The thought of losing money seems like it would be the trigger for parents to make sure their children get the shots that they need to stay healthy. Officials don’t want to simply turn their backs on families. They want to make sure parents are educated about what can happen if children aren’t vaccinated. Some parents have already registered as those who will not vaccinate their children. This is an issue that while should be left up to the parents, the government is spending money on children who might get sick later on and rely on the government in a bigger way financially simply because they didn’t get one shot as a child.

Sex Ed Class Has Done Its Job

The average sexually active person that is 34 years of age or younger has less sexual partner than older generations. It is interesting to find that ever since the 70s peoples feelings about premarital sex really changed. Where as before the 70s sex before marriage was something that was very looked down upon, after the 70s that same idea really changed.

People feel free to have sex before marriage and even now days sex before marriage is something that seems to be normal. Even though that is the case people have less sexual partners. The older generation tended to have an average of 11 sexual partners while the Millennials have a tendency to only have 8 sexual partners in their lifetime. The reason why younger people have more of a tendency to have less partners is because they are more fearful of getting sexual transmitted disease. Folks at Boraie Development know that they are more aware of the consequences of multiple sexual partners and that is the reason why they want less rather than more partners. Many of the Millennials choose to have friends with benefits instead of just sleeping around for the thrill of it. It is good to see that Millennials have really learned something from their sexual education classes.

Historically Low U.S. Birth Rate Can Be Seen As Good or Bad

There seems to be an interesting trend through history in fertility rates. As countries become more industrialized and their populace become more educated, fewer people have children and those that do tend to have fewer of them. This has been the case in the United States and Europe for the past few decades. Conversely, poor countries with poor educational infrastructure have the highest birth rates. Some of the highest are those in African countries. It is a strange irony that those countries that would seem to have the least ability to care for children are having the most of them and those with the wealth and social infrastructure are not.

There is a temporary trend of declining birth rates in the United States that seems to be going against this conventional wisdom that poverty equals more births and wealth equals fewer. The rate is temporarily down in the U.S., and this is being attributed to the fact that we had been in a recession over the past several years reports Brad Reifler and to record low teen birth rates, which is very good news. We are only now really coming out of the recession, so the effect of any upturn in the economy has not had time to make a full impact yet. It would seem that of the two factors of wealth and education, it is education that is the most important determining factor. It is believed that this decrease in birth rate is only temporary because many women are simply waiting for their economic situation to be stabilized before starting a family.