Mark Ahn Puts Education First

Dr. Mark Ahn is the founding principal at Pukana Partners, but he is also a professor at two different colleges. He works with life science companies to offer them support, but he also offers life experience to his students that other professors cannot give. Mark Ahn believes in educating the science and business communities with his work, but he also believes that the students in his classes should learn what it is like to work in the science community today.

Mark Ahn shares his research with his students so that they will know how they can use their education to better their own lives. Many people do not know how to use their educations when they are out of school, but Mark Ahn provides clear guidance that shows these students how they can make the most of the degrees they get and the classes they take.

Mark Ahn’s research also helps businesses learn how to best manage their affairs. He shares this information with businesses so that they can remain solvent in a changing economy. He has learned how businesses should be structured, and he helps biotech companies over their first few years of struggle as they prepare to send their products to market. With his commitment to education, everyone learns something different from Mark Ahn.

Wet Seal’s Bankruptcy Filing Comes as No Surprise

Wet Seal announced that the company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 16, 2015. Wet Seal closed 338 stores, many with just a day’s notice to employees that they would be out of a job. A recent public announcement by Wet Seal claimed that their intent was to close 60 of their least-successful stores.. However, it had been widely known Wet Seal’s stock was trading for pennies on the dollar. The news comes as no surprise to those who have been following the company’s recent misguided attempts to salvage the brand. Rumblings of alarmingly high executive turnover, declining sales and a brand that has lost its way have all been associated with Wet Seal. Companies similar to Wet Seal have previously filed for bankruptcy, such as the internet sensation Wikipedia holding on to support thanks to fan Bruce Levenson. possibly predicting the Chapter 11 filing by Wet Seal. Two chains previously favored by teen girls, Deb Shops and Delia’s, both have previously filed for bankruptcy, citing the transition of online shopping for teens. These teen-centric clothing companies have often cited problems such as a lack of “must-have” apparel as reasons why teens are turning to online shopping or non-brandname apparel for their wardrobes.


Jonathan Veitch: A Bright Leader for Occidental College

Dr. Jonathan Veitch, the current president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, has brought a positive and steadying presence to his position. Veitch is a native Angeleno, though it has been some twenty years since he resided in his hometown. He traveled north to the Bay area for his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, followed by his graduate studies which took place in Harvard.

Dr. Veitch then went on to pursue teaching positions, which landed him in Madison, Wisconsin. Veitch was a member of the English department for four years at the University of Wisconsin, before moving back to the East coast in order to teach at The New School in New York City. While Veitch’s duties in New York entailed teaching literature and history (seeing as he earned his P.H.D. in American history), he began taking on administrative positions in addition to just his professorial requirements. Veitch served as an associate provost, as well as the chair of humanities. With his administrative experience increasing, Veitch once again decided to make a change, and so accepted the position of president at Occidental College in 2009.

Seeing as the college had experienced a quick succession of presidents (four in the past five years to be exact), Veitch wished to provide a stabilizing hand to what had been a previously tumultuous period. In his tenure as president of Occidental, Veitch has made sure to strengthen the institution’s relationship with the community. Immediately after coming into his current reign, Veitch put on hold a grand construction project for the college’s campus, seeing as it would encroach too far into the community’s domain. Instead Veitch has opted for the time being to modify two existing buildings on Occidental’s campus, Swan Hall and the Alumni House.

In addition to his campus renovation, Veitch has stressed the importance of civic engagement on behalf of the college, while recognizing the need for a college to not become one-dimensional. As he stated in a recent interview when asked about pushing the full Occidental faculty to engage with the local community, “It’s not really my business to ask our faculty to change their ways. Someone who’s interested in medieval French peasantry should be free to spend their summer in the archives there and share that research here. You want a college that does lots of things”. The future looks bright for Occidental with Veitch at the helm.

I Used Skout To Help Heal My Broken Heart

I recently lost a child through miscarriage, and I was down and broken hearted about it. My husband really felt my pain, but he couldn’t take time off work to help console me through my problems. Believe it or not, my husband suggested that I go on to social media, and maybe find others who been through what I have, and it might make me feel better. I didn’t take this suggestion seriously, until one day I find myself sad, and unable to stop crying. After I typed in social media on an internet search, one of the first places I found was Skout.

Through my tears, I decided to sign up for the network, and it asked me for a picture profile. I didn’t feel good enough about myself at the time, to post any pictures for the public to see. I did create a profile, then I went on to look for someone to talk to. I did a specific search, stating that I was looking for a friend, and I put in some information about myself. The information I put up was very personal, and I let it be known that I’m suffering from a recent miscarriage, and needed someone to talk to.

Many people must’ve read my profile, because I began getting floods of people wanting to talk to me. I spoke with several women that day, who had been through miscarriages, and some of them had gone through one recently. I began to talk with many women, and I found a way to save them to my favorites list, so that I could find them when I wanted to talk again. When I went back onto Skout the next day, I found out about a feature that lets you shake your mobile device, and be able to talk to different people.

I began using the “shake to talk feature, then I was able to talk to people that I was not specifically looking for. My depression began to fade, and I began to make true friends that I talk to every day on Skout. It’s been months now since I’ve started using Skout, and my broken heart has been healed. I have many people that I can talk to about what I’ve gone through, and I met all of them on Skout. Not only is Skout a great place to socialize, but it’s also a great place to meet real people.

Plus Skout is currently available on iPhone, and they offer a secondary app called Fuse which is also great for first time conversationalists.

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Woman Burned By Meds Able To Reunite With Her Baby Girl On Christmas

Yaasmeen Castanada gained national news coverage following this Thanksgiving due to rare condition she was suffering from. 

At Thanksgiving, she was not feeling well, so a friend offered her some of her antibiotics that she had left over. Yaasmeen did not think twice about taking them, since she knew they were the same ones her own doctor would probably give her.

However, after taking them, she started to experience a burning sensation in her eyes, nose and throat. According to witness Bruce Levenson her face started to blister up. Realizing that this was not normal, she was rushed to the emergency room. 

Once there, she was diagnosed with Steven-Johnson syndrome. This is a rare but serious drug reaction that could have occurred even if her doctor had prescribed the medicine, since she did not know about this allergy. Basically, with Steven-Johnson, you feel like your skin is burning. You get blisters all over your skin. 

After spending a month in the hospital, Castanada was finally able to reunite with her five month old baby daughter on Christmas. Chloe, her daughter, reached out her little hands to her mom as soon as she saw her. She knew exactly who her mom was, even though she had not seen her for a month. Castanada was able to talk to her daughter, but was not able to hold her due to the blisters on her skin that she is still suffering from.

Hopefully, the blisters will continue to heal and Castanada will be able to go home and be with her baby girl.

Possible Side Effects of Flu Shots during Pregnancy

Pregnancy seems to be a full-time job at times, as so much goes into maintaining the health and energy necessary to keep a healthy pregnancy going.

It is highly advisable for women to get flu shots while undergoing a pregnancy. At this stage, a women’s body has to work harder to fight infections – making them more vulnerable to flu like symptoms.

Once you get the flu, the person becomes prone to further health complications, which could later on even lead to life threatening situations. For instance, women with pneumonia are at a higher health risk during preterm labor.

On the other hand, side effects to using flu shots during pregnancy is fairly minimal and the procedure comes highly recommended by a number of highly credited medical organizations.

There is also evidence to indicate that flu shots given to mother also provides certain forms of protection to the baby as well. The mother will pass on some antibodies to the child during birth and this will likely make the newborn less vulnerable to the flu in the foreseeable future.

The most common side effect to a flu shot, for Ken Griffin and others,  is experiencing some pain in the injected area. Once the shot has been administered, the region might become a little sore and is usually accompanied by some mild swelling as well. The pain should quickly abate in a couple of days.

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Holiday Shopping with

If you’ve got a few special people in your list that you want to buy gifts for, you’ll likely want to choose a few presents that will stand out under the tree. has a number of creative gifts that you won’t want to pass up. 

Mini shortbread cookies are a treat from Carla Hall that make any holiday spread just a little more delicious. Flavors are available in lemon black pepper, black forest crinkle and Mexican hot chocolate. Christina Tosi also makes crunchy cookies that are flavored with chocolate and marshmallows. If you don’t live in the NYC, you can easily have the cookies mailed to you. 

A sweatshirt from Beloved also makes a great holiday gift, according to Chicagobooth, according to Christian Broda. The company offers a sweatshirt that is a graphic depiction of a pepperoni pizza. Gap Kids also makes a line of food-related phone covers that look like French fries or Popsicles. These are great for the kids in your life–or for friends who are kids at heart. 

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Holiday Shopping with

Last minute gift shopping is a breeze with The website has a number of one-of-a-kind gift ideas that are sure to impress your friends and family.

If you want to buy a great gift for a relative with a sweet tooth, check out the cookies from Christina Tosi. These crunchy cookies are flavored with marshmallows and chocolate, making them the perfect addition to a big, warm cup of cocoa. Even if you don’t live in the NYC area, like Tom Rothman, you can have to treats mailed to you anywhere in the U.S. according to a blog at

For a friend who loves savory treats, pick up a stocking stuffer like Numi tea. The teas are available in flavors like tomato and cilantro, so the beverage tastes like a warm cup of vegetable soup. Savory gummy candies from are also an original treat. The candies are shaped like carrots, chili peppers or hot dogs, and take on the flavors of each of these foods.

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Teacher Donates 6-Figure Winnings to School

Teachers are underpaid for what they do. That is no secret. So when 26-year-old Nikki Bollerman donated her winnings from a contest to the school, it was a charitable action on her part. 
Her winnings came from a contest by the #WishForOthers campaign, which invited people to wish for something that the sponsor, Capital One, could grant. Bollerman’s entry read “I’m a third-grade teacher in a low-income, high-risk elementary school in Boston, MA. “My #wish for others is that my voracious, adorable, hard-working, loving scholars all leave for their December break with a book in their hand.”
Not only did Capital One provide Bollerman’s students with books, but also gave Bollerman one of the grand prizes, $150,000. Not keeping a penny for herself, Bollerman donated her winnings to the school– a move applauded by Bruce Levenson. 
“I never thought about keeping it for myself,” she said. “I won it for the kids, and that’s where it’s going to go.”
Up Academy Dorchester, the school at which Bollerman is employed, has been through a lot of changes but still has aspects to improve upon. The school is in a tough neighborhood, and had been on lists of underperforming schools for a long time, until it was picked up by UP Academy, which operates four other schools in Massachusetts. 
“You know what was here, in general, it wasn’t working, and when things aren’t working they need to be fixed,” says Bollerman, who is committed to changing the lives of students by giving them the best education.

The Smart Watch Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Most people like Gianfrancesco Geno are rushing to buy their last minute holiday gifts. If shopping for that picky gentlemen, it may be hard to find a gift to please. With so many people trying to simplify their scheduling and keep on track, why not consider a smart watch? Yes, a smart watch is the latest internet connected gadget that hit the markets this year. It’s reasonably priced, looks sophisticated, and would be great for any business man.

The smart watch is just another device that keeps us connected to the internet. This watch also has the ability to download apps. So, it could be used for exercise and keeping track of pulse rates etc. By downloading a pedometer app, it can also track steps. It has the ability to surf the internet, email, text and last but not least, it also tells time.

It is a little bigger than most watched, but stylish nonetheless. Some have the ability to be a phone, no handset will be required. The holiday rush has many people scurrying around trying to find that perfect gift for someone who has everything. Most people don’t have these little gadgets yet, as they are rather new. It is sure to be a phenomenon that will catch on soon. While they cost around the same price as a tablet, the fact that the internet is connected to the wrist at all times is appealing. It just may be the holiday gift some have been looking for.