OrganoGold Has Had A Lot Of Success

OrganoGold is a company that has been gaining a lot of popularity because of the unique product that it is marketing. This company is on a mission to change people’s lives through the Chinese herb, Ganoderma,and they have been able to already make a big impact on many people. Those who try out this product and know all of the benefits that it has are very happy with it. They are grateful to the company, and to the people who are working for it, for putting so much effort into getting this herb known.

In order for a company to succeed at spreading the news of the product that they are selling they need to have a lot of passion for it. They need to feel strongly about it and give the company their all. And that is why OrganoGold has been doing so well. It is because the people who are working for them love the product that they are distributing so much, and because they want to see the company succeed.

Bernardo Chua started this company because of his love for the Chinese herb Ganoderma. He, along with the help of a few others, got the company up and running and now it is doing big things. He has been able to share his love for this herb with many people, and he is proud of himself for being able to do that.

There are many companies that start off thinking that they will be able to do some big things, but that never really take off. Thankfully for the people who started OrganoGold, their company has succeeded better than most. The passion that has been put into this company has made it have success in ways that many other companies can only hope to one day succeed.

Animal Activism From New York to Britain

Giving a voice to those who cannot speak, protecting those that cannot protect themselves against the callousness of humanity. These are just some of the tenets that many animal rights activists live. For decades and by various methods animal activism has remained strong in protecting the creatures of the world.
Those creatures that coexist on our planet, be they wild exotic beasts, or domesticated livestock, have always been under scrutiny as being simple minded things that were put on the planet for humanity’s whims. In certain parts of the world bears and monkeys are tortured in order for them to play simple instruments or ride on tricycles. While chickens have their beaks removed and are genetically modified to be more commercially viable. These beings are left at the mercy of cruel masters without many to stand for them.
From the seas where documentarians record their actions while protecting whales from Japanese whalers. To biologists and naturalists who live alongside great apes while trying to keep them safe. Former soldiers living in Africa on nature preserves to stop ivory poaching, to students chaining themselves to trees so a habitat can go unharmed. The desire to guard Earth’s fauna remains strong in the hearts of many.
It is these activists who protect the animals of the world. Through their efforts animal activists have led to new ideas and notions of protecting our wildlife. In these few outspoken and active individuals, we are reminded that if the animals disappear we are surely next.
Many activists seek their roles in the likes of Keith Mann, an animal activist hailing from Britain. From an early age working on a farm Mann was instilled with the idea that animals deserved the same rights and qualities to life as people. While considered extreme by some, Mann’s works extends from simple awareness seminars, to times spent in animal sanctuaries. Recently, Keith Mann has turned to mainstream politics in order to represent not just animals, but animal rights activists as well.
The desire to protect animals and give them a voice is an idea that transcends distance. From New York to Keith Mann’s Britain, humans can be linked by the desire to assist the other beings of the planet.

Women and business

For the longest time now women have been subjugated in the office and the board rooms. However, the women who entered into the business over three decades ago were the trailblazers to a business world that was soon to see women differently. In those early years, there was no measure of a woman’s success in business as it was new and unheard off. Ellen Kaden who is the senior vice president for law and government affairs at Campbell Soup notes that in the past for a woman to bring home the bacon she had to be twice as good as the male counterpart. They also had to be more dependable and had to have twice the brains. She also notes that women worked hard like donkeys to prove that they were worth it. Nevertheless, women in her generation were not going to sit and wait and watch as success went past them. They created their rules that determined their success. But which rules were these?

1. Self-belief

The fact that very successful business women genuinely believe in themselves cannot be easily brushed off. This is probably one of the dominant traits successful women in business possess. Most of them believe that believing in one’s self is the very key to succeeding. This is especially true for Mary Kay Ash, who is the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She was able to steer her business into success barely a month after the decease of her husband. Mary believes that the key to business success is thinking that you can make it.

2. Confidence

To build a remunerative business, you need clients. To get clients, you need to win their hearts. And for you to win their hearts then you need to be a confident woman. Confidence is indispensable in acquiring respect from your clients as well as earning their trust. It will also give you an upstanding reputation.

A business woman must walk into any room standing tall with her head up high. When making new acquaintances she has to smile, maintain eye contact and express her confidence in her hand shakes.

3. Passion

Very many women who have flourished in the business world do so because their company involves things they enjoy doing. Things that they are passionate about. Let us take Oprah Winfrey as an example. Her difficult childhood established in her the desire to help other people. Her business empire was a by product of her passion for helping out in the society. It is therefore of import that as a woman you find your passion and grow it into something worthwhile. Strive to change that desire into a reality.

It is such attributes that have inspired many women immerse themselves into the murky waters of business. One such woman is Susan McGalla. At forty-one years old Susan is the chief merchandising officer and president of the American Eagle Outfitters Brand. This recent title has put her in charge of designing, merchandising and marketing of the company’s brands that are very popular with American Teens.

As a business woman, she’s had her fair share of an intriguing life. She once shared her experiences growing up in East Liverpool and Ohio having two brothers and a father who was a football coach. Her experiences taught her that beyond being a woman she was a person. It also taught her to be a confident lady specially in presenting herself and her ideas.


Economists, just as the name suggests, are economics professionals who research and develop theories and compile information about the economic policy. Economists specialize in a certain field since economy is a broad social science. They debate economic facts and statuses until they can finally prove the real economic position. This is a flexible profession since an economist can work in various fields such as an educational institution, the government, a private company or as a sole proprietor. Unlike other professions, economic scientists do not require a legal license certifying them as economists. An economist can also be hired in an investment institution or in a non-profit organization.
Christian Broda is a renowned US economist who does in-depth research on the US economy progressively. The US economy is gradually advancing with every year. The market today provides a wide variety of goods for clients to choose from. Christian Broda’s research shows that the United States’ consumers are now in possession of products which are not available to local producers. This economist states further in his research that even with the economic crisis that faces the United States, the US dollar will not lose its worth. As a matter of fact, it is expected to become more valuable. This is because even with this crisis, the inflation level is still below 5.5 percent.
Apart from extensive research on the US economy, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management and a professor at the University of Chicago, Mr. Christian Broda has been campaigning on citizens developing their own hedge funds without having to experience the total personal risk. A hedge fund requires a lot of effort from the interested client. Hedge funds consist of a team of investors who help build the foundation. Christian Broda states that by composing important people to form your hedge fund team and having a strong law firm to handle your legal cases will make your hedge fund succeed. Having a chief broker who handles all your hedge funds transactions is crucial. This broker is supposed to handle all your actual trades.
Experienced economists provide a conducive ecology for a logistics firm by predicting social-demographical events that will be used for the advantage of the firm. The analyses carried out by economists include risk analysis as well as industry analysis. They study the various ways to distribute resources by collecting economics data and analyzing the economic trends and evaluating various economic states. Most economists work together with statisticians to give more accurate results and predictions. Christian Broda is a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research. This organization allows skilled economists to come together and share diverse ideas to provide knowledgeable economics analyses. With the US economy research carried out, Christian Broda still stands for the fact that it is a prudent choice to keep investments in the US

Happy Healthy Pooches

Everyone loves their furry four legged companions and do whatever they can to keep them happy and healthy. A happy and healthy canine will be in their owner’s life for only a short period of time and many people do whatever they can to keep them around as long as they can. Healthy dogs get plenty of exercise and, of course, are fed what the owner believes is the best food for them in order to promote health. There are many arguments as to what the best dog food is.

There are several great brands of dog food to try when looking for tasty but also healthy food for your pup. One great brand to try is Karma Organics Dry Dog Food. Some of the ingredients in Karma are chicken, brown rice, barley, flaxseed, and multiple proteins. Having the proper ingredients and a balanced diet for your pooch is important because the proper food creates a shiny coat, a healthy weight, healthy teeth, and a healthy digestive tract.

Newman’s Own Premium Pet Food is another great brand of dog food that also makes cat food. It has many of the same ingredients as Karma does but Newman’s Own also has vegetables in it. Newman’s Own Premium Pet Food has carrots as well as kelp and parsley. These unique ingredients provide your fur baby with vital ingredients as well as gives them something tasty to eat. Dogs eat the same thing day in and day out often eating the same type of food for most of their lives. There are different ways to mix up your pooch’s diet with different flavors of food and even adding different types of wet food to their diet. Newman’s Own can be purchased as a wet food in a can, dry food, or even as dog treats.

Fromm Family Pet Food is another one of the best dog food brands to get for quality. Along with many of the other ingredients found in Newman’s Own and Karma there are many other healthy and tasty ingredients that make up Fromm Family Pet Food. There is salmon oil, duck, dried tomato, yucca extract, and multiple vitamins. Their website includes a page where customers can ask questions and get answers. They also describe the process of making their food and testing. They are a family owned company with a passion for dogs.

California Natural is another great option for feeding your pooch great food. The formula is made with lamb, brown and white rice, and many other ingredients. It is so important to feed your dogs real food instead of artificial flavors and chemicals. California Natural does not use chemicals to color the food as most dog food brands tend to do.

A decent brand of food is Beneful on facebook by Purina. Beneful has ingredients including chicken, whole wheat, cornmeal, and many other ingredients. Beneful makes treats and a variety of dog food formulas for all types of dogs. They also make wet food for dogs. Purina makes a variety of products that brushes the dog’s teeth as it chews which is important for the health of the tooth.

Rules To Remember When Investing in the Stock Market

While every successful investor bears a unique path to their destination, it is important to note that there are certain rules that you cannot ignore if you want to make profit. To succeed in the stock market, you need to understand basic strategies that can save you from making losses very often. Below are few that you need to remember while investing your money.

Desist from buying all at once
This sounds like a prohibitive warning, but that may not be the case in reality. Every trader wants to scoop large amounts at once, something that motivates one to dedicate all their reserves for purchases over a certain period of time. This is one of the riskiest methods of trading your money. Rather, you should consider getting the best price over time. Stage all your buys and sells to ensure the risk of losing everything is minimized.

Do your research
Before buying stock from a company, research about their background performance. Although most information presented may seem complex, you should not worry much as there are experts to interpret what you need to know. This includes interpreting balance sheets and other financial details that may prove technical. After proper analysis, you may have sufficient information to predict about the future of the company before committing to buy their stock.

Seek professional assistance
There are various individuals who offer wealth management and financial advice. Brad Reifler is one of the most trusted professionals who have been offering advice on matters investment. Since 1982 when he founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation, which specializes in global derivatives, Brad has been instrumental in helping new investors to keep on track. He is an adviser and CEO at Forefront Advisory, where young investors can seek assistance on how to invest securely and wisely. Brad is among professionals that you can rely on to get insight that will help you to make sound decisions.

Embrace risk control through diversification
When you take care of the downside, the upside adjusts accordingly and you reap your gains without strain. To avoid getting hit all at once, you can consider diversifying. This is necessary considering that not every sector may offer the results you expect. You should spread risk so in case of a failure in one sector you will not be pulled out of the market.

When chiefs quit be vigilant
When top level management people leave a company, there is always something in the background that you should worry about. This could be to notify you of pending damages in future, which no one will tell you about. So, in case of such a pull-out, you should also consider how to best place your investment to avoid losses.

Freedompop Takes Over the World World with Affordable Mobile Service and Wifi Plans

FreedomPop (available on iTunes) is a wireless mobile service, that quickly became popular for its generous service plans. The Startup was founded in 2012, when it was launched and began offering customers free mobile service packages that included 200 voice minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data. Immediately, mobile customers were drawn to Freedompop’s too good to be true service package. The company makes it’s money by upselling extras like additional minutes, text and data, as well as offering phone insurance and long distance. Since Freedompop’s launch it has earned over 1 million customers in the U.S., and recent announcements claim that Freedompop plans to expand its business worldwide, it’s obvious that this fascinating wireless company is thriving.

Now that the mobile service startup is well on its way, CEO and co-foounder Stephen Stokols, says that the company has always intended to go global. This year Freedompop launches in the U.K, and plans to offer the European market a SIM only wireless plan with the same free service package available in the U.S., and the added feature of international calling. The international calling service stands to change the way that customers in the U.K. use their mobile phones, as they are used to changing carriers often to keep up with the best plans. Freedompop is now giving customers in the U.K. the convenience of bringing their own phones to

Freedompop so that they can take advantage of the low cost service without having to buy a new device.

Most recently, Freedompop announced that they are also taking their free mobile service to Southwest Asia, and teaming up with the Pan-Asian mobile provider Axiata. Freedompop will buy service directly from Axiata, which will in turn make Freedompop a sub-brand of the company. Sub-branding is a common business practice in the U.S., as Virgin Mobile is a sub-brand of Sprint, and MetroPCS is a sub-brand of T-Mobile, this gives companies an opportunity to target different demographics and expand their businesses.

Business for Freedompop continues to thrive, and going forward they will be readily available worldwide. With so many great things happening, lots of potential customers are jumping on the Freedompop bandwagon, and saving money on mobile service and data plans. Because Freedompop allows it’s customers to bring their own devices on board, even customers that are already locked into a service plan, can take advantage of the amazing offers on Freedompop’s network. Customers are able to drastically cut costs on data plans by using Freedompop in addition to their current voice plans, and other customers are now using their tablets on the go with the help of Freedompop’s $5 monthly unlimited WiFi package.

Freedompop’s dedication to providing affordable service is making it a very tempting offer, even if a customer is only looking for a backup phone for emergencies, or a starter phone for a child, Freedompop seems like the best option for anyone that is interested in saving money on voice and data. Freedompop gives users just about anything they could possibly want in a mobile service plan, and from the looks of it they aren’t going anywhere but up.

Purina Cares About The Ones They Make Their Products For

Purina is a brand that has been determined to put out quality pet care items since they first started out. They are a brand that cares about the animals that they are serving, and the pet owners that are buying their products, and they are always trying to make the best of each item that they produce.

Purina News on newscenter has shown their love for pets over the years in many different ways. They have shown their love through the kind of quality products that they are always coming up with, and they have also shown their love of pets through the cute advertisements that they have made and put on TV through the years. They are a company that people are always looking up to when they think of a brand that offers great pet care items. They are a brand that people know that they can trust to take good care of their pets.

One of the recent ads that Purina has put out is even cuter than their usual ads, and it steals the hearts of everyone who watches it. Purina asked a man and his newly adopted puppy to appear on an ad for them, and they willingly did so. The ad features the man and puppy bonding over a bowl of Purina dog food, and it is one of the most adorable things that has ever been on TV.

Purina really knows how to capture some attention for their brand through the kinds of advertisements that they put out, and they have been able to keep customers through the quality of their products. That is the makings of a successful brand. They know all that they have to do to draw people in and keep them there, and that is just what they have been doing since they started.
Purina isn’t just about gaining new customers and making money, though, and that makes them even more appealing. They are a brand that cares about the animals that they are serving. They love animals just as much as any pet owner does. They care about the ones that they are making products for.

Choosing the Best Food for Your Dog

With lots of dog foods being offered in the market, it is really very difficult to find the best one.

Here are some helpful tips to find the premium dog food for your dog:

Always check the label

Pet food labels are usually full of important information so you can compare. Of course, products with better ratings should catch your attention more.

Those with lower ratings may have received lower rates probably because they contain less meat, more by-products, questionable preservatives and unknown meat ingredients.

Big or small dog food companies?

Trust larger dog food companies; they have more to lose if they don’t make a good product. They are more likely to make more quality products for their consumers.

The truth is, more recall events have been recorded that are linked to products of lesser known brands. Recalls linked to well-known brands are very few but are widely broadcast by the media because of their size and popularity, a bigger percentage of the recalls in the past 5 years were linked to smaller companies.

Bigger companies spend on food scientists, animal nutritionists, veterinarians and other animal professionals to design their products. They spend money in holding tests to determine impurities and nutrient content, as well as conducting safety and quality control assessments.

Know the Manufacturer

Some manufacturers make their own while some pet food companies use a third party to manufacture for them.

You should know the manufacturer of the brand that you are feeding your dog with. This knowledge will enable you to know keep a record of its recall history so you can judge how safe their products are.

Question the Product Formulation

Are you aware that there are no legal requirements that a pet food must be prepared by an animal nutritionist or a veterinarian? This is why some dog foods on the market have been designed by people who may not even be in the field of caring for animals.

It is your right to question the design of the products that you are giving to your pet. Be inquisitive enough to question the manufacturer about the formulation, as well as the qualifications of the professionals behind the product.

In the end, it is not possible to guarantee that the dog food you are using is the best, but at least you can be confident that a large company with many brands may be your best bet because they will do their best to protect their good image.

Trust a brand like Beneful on purinastore, which is a product of the pet food giant Purina. They are more expected to make dog foods that are the best of their kind, in terms of appeal to the dogs as well as its nutrient content. They have budgets to make sure that only superior dog foods are sold in the market under their brands.

Beneful puts high-quality ingredients and the best people and the best processes together to make the best product for their consumers. They always try to ensure that Beneful pet foods are safe to eat and made with high-quality ingredients. In addition, they make sure that their items will have the flavor that pets will love.

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A makeup mogul like no other: Doe Deere

Makeup has been the product used by individuals typically women, to accent physical features of the face and body for centuries. While there are very familiar brands such as L’Oreal, Maybelliene, and Revlon, what has been taking a portion of sales away from these larger companies are smaller brands such as Lime Crime. I remember the first time I saw the Lime Crime line a few years ago that at the time primarily carried a few shades of lipstick and eyeliner. I remember the very ornate and detailed pink lipstick containers that immediately drew my attraction. The unicorn logo was one I hadn’t realized I’d be seeing more of in the near future competing with larger brand names such as M.A.C. and Benefit Cosmetics. Lime Crime stood out among competitors with their colorful, fun, and playful makeup lines. Not only were they the most extraordinary cosmetic I have yet to lay my eyes on, it is the creator Doe Deere herself who gave the cosmetic brand a bone to the brands back.
As a follower of Doe Deere (aka Xenia) for many years, it was quite magnificent to see an everyday girl who had a passion for makeup, follow her dreams and achieve more than anyone could ever imagine in such a short amount of time. The Russian entrepreneur came from a background of fashion design and musical artistry before landing her career in the makeup industry. Thus, in 2008 came her investing and dedication to the brand we all know and love: Lime Crime.
Although the vegan goddess has been around since 2008 with her famous and fun makeup line, her fighting through criticism of the media and gossipers has begun to pay off. With 348,000 Instagram followers, 84,000 Facebook friends, and nearly 8,000 Twitter followers, it is clear the Russian Dame is going nowhere anytime soon. Many are familiar with the brand Lime Crime. Without knowing Doe Deere however, there is a lot from the foundations of the brand that is being missed. The Lime Crime brand is a reflection of the bubbly, colorful, and exciting character that has been with the brand from the beginning til now in its full fruition. Sporting bright and daring colored hair, bright lipstick, and a Lolita-styled outfit is likely the image you will have Doe. It is as though she lives the fairy tale life every girl has wanted to live at some point or another. A house resembling a dollhouse, friends resembling Barbies, and a concern for life and the environment by means of personal disciplining of vegan-ism are few highlights of her fascinating lifestyle. She has said ” I decorated my house this way because I believe that a place you live in is a reflection of who you are, and vice versa.” The Unicorn House is most certainly a sight to followers of the Deere. Doe as a person to the public has been very supportive of her fans and is not afraid to battle with those who try to tear at her prized success. Her persistence, dedication, and passion to the life fun and dolly, are here to stay.