Kids Sleep, Private Tutors do their Assignments.

Reports indicate that some parents pay about $250 an hour for a private tutor to come to their home or tuition lessons. However, these tutors end up doing the children’s homework. Igor Cornelsen is disappointed to learn that some parents are okay with the tutors doing their children’s homework because some of their kids are already involved so much tuition, assignments and co-curricular activities that they are finding it difficult to cope.


Parents are also hiring some tutor just to do a primary school level homework. When the children are sleeping, these tutors are busy doing the assignments that will be handed up the next day. reports that private tutors get calls even after midnight to go to their clients’ homes.


A mother whose son is in high school who wants to remain anonymous said that she always hire a private tutor whenever she notices her son is struggling with his assignments. Another parent insisted that he hires a tutor because some of his child’s homework is superfluous.


Poster Child for Adoption Finally Finds a Forever Home

Back in September of 2013, 14-year-old Davion Navar Henry Only made headlines around the world when he showed up at church in St. Petersburg, Florida begging for a forever family. He stood up on the altar asking for a family who would love him, no matter if they were white, black, purple, young or old. The story broke hearts and touched people all over the world. Over 10,000 people applied to adopt Davion, however, six months later he was back in the foster care system.

Davion grew up in foster care, born to a mother who was already in jail. Susan McGalla said that in his freshman year of high school he found out that his mom had passed away, leaving no chance that she would ever come to get him out of the system. After his heartfelt plea at that church in St. Petersburg, Davion was adopted by a pastor’s family in Ohio. Sadly, just a mere three months later that family sent him back to Florida after he got into a fight with the pastor’s son.

Davion was back, all alone, and depressed. He turned to the only person he knew would comfort him- Connie Going, his former case manager. In Connie and her children, Davion found the always family he was looking for. Connie adopted Davion where he now has his own room for the first time, as well as a family pet.

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Visual Search with Slyce: Changing the Game For Online Shopping

Visual search is already a fairly new and trending tech, but when introduced to Slyce, it’s a complete game changer. Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot founded Slyce in January of 2012 through another company that they had previously founded together called Business Instincts. It wasn’t until February of 2013 that the company launched its visual recognition technology platform. Slyce is publicly traded via the TSX Venture Exchange Market. In order to really get to the heart of what this company really is, however, it is important to first understand what visual search recognition is and how this technology is impacting the economy. 

Visual search uses a visual recognition technology that allows users to capture a photo of an object of interest with their smart phone and then perform various functions dependent upon the user’s specific need and/or requirement at any given time. Once the photo has been captured, you can use this technology to find the item online and gather important information about the object, purchase the object, or compare prices online. This significantly changes the way retailers do business, especially when it comes to online sales. Ecommerce sites have already reported an increase of up to 3% since the launch of Slyce’s Visual Search Recognition Technology.

Since its launch, Slyce technology has already been integrated with 6 of America’s top 20 retail stores amongst other retailers as well. Some of these retailers include Neiman Marcus and JC Penny. These retailers are allowing Slyce to integrate its technology into their stores as a mobile application. The potential for this is almost limitless in terms of likely applications and uses, as well the potential growth in revenue. In just the first quarter of 2015, Slyce has reported a growth in revenue of 400% and proves how they really are changing the game.

With the amount of customizable products and services that Slyce offers, it’s no wonder why they’re doing so well. Below is a list of the main four products/services the company offers and a brief description of what these products consist of. Additionally, you will find practical applications for these four products/services.

•Snap to Buy – This product allows you to capture a photo of an object that you’d like to purchase and then allows you the option to do so right from your smart phone. This can come in handy if you’re at a store and see something you like. Just snap a photo and compare prices online. Additionally, a friend may have an item you’d like, but can’t remember where they got the item from. Now you can find it online using this application.

•Visual Relevancy Engine – This product is used much the same way as snap to buy, but instead of purchasing that exact item, you can look up information on that product and find similar relevant products as well.

•Tag and Display (for social campaigns) – This service allows you to use existing photos from your social network and find them online or similar items.

•Physical Advertising Recognition – This is targeted more for a marketing platform. It allows you to digitally enable print materials/billboards all with a captured photo.

So as you see, visual search has many applications and although it is trending right now, it should prove to be more than just a simple fad. With continued growth and development, visual search may be one of the most important tools for retailers for some time and truly has changed the game!

Giving back helps Vijay Eswaran remain on the right business track

The need to give back to the world is something we are often encouraged to do, but is often something we find hard to do as we look to improve on our own position over helping our community. Sometimes we need to look at leaders that give back to inspire our families to do so also.  Vijay Eswaran believes that his position as a successful businessperson and entrepreneur in Malaysia makes it important for him to give something back to the country and community that shaped his life. Vijay Eswaran spends a large amount of his time and fortune from the QNet Group on helping students who have little to no access to school or higher educational opportunities to achieve as much success as possible.

Vijay Eswaran himself struggled with issues as a child as his family were forced to move around Malaysia on a regular basis because of his father’s position with the Malaysian ministry of Labor. The constant movement to new areas meant Vijay Eswaran changed schools and friends on a regular basis, a nomadic lifestyle he continued after completing his education in Malaysia with time spent in Europe and North America. Unlike many of the CEO’s of companies across the world Vijay Eswaran has an understanding of the problems facing people working in everyday jobs as he spent his time in Europe working low paid jobs as he looked for the perfect business opportunity. The idea for the QNet Group was formed when the current CEO was working as a taxi driver in the English capital of London.

The philanthropic programs Vijay Eswaran sponsors across Malaysia are just part of the way the entrepreneur has looked to help others achieve similar success to himself. Vijay Eswaran has also written a number of self help books and speaks at seminars designed to give other business people the chance to achieve success by using the techniques he has found successful over his years in business. By giving back to the local and business community Vijay Eswaran is hoping to allow his success to rub off on a number of other people who are living and working to achieve personal success.

Amazon Just Made Shopping That Much Easier!

Amazon is taking the shopping experience to another level by adding a Home Services feature to their website. “85 million of our customers that have shopped at Amazon in the past year often require a service afterwards,” says Peter Faricy, the Vice President of Amazon Marketplace.

Millions of people purchase items that require further assistance to set up after they’ve actually received the item. This causes a problem in that Amazon wants to make the buying experience fun and enjoyable. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, puts the customer experience as the main target within their business. Sultan Alhokair seemed to think that this change in customer service could potentially take Amazon to the next level.

The one area that Amazon seems to be having a problem with in their new Home Service feature is reliability. “It’s tough to quickly find someone who is qualified,” says Faricy about the new project. Amazon takes a careful approach in finding suitable candidates to help their customers with service. They use a systematic approach that filters candidates on a credibility system: background check, business license, insurance policy, professionalism, and much more.

The team at Amazon is trying to provide a quick and transparent service for all of their customers. With 85 million customers waiting in line, accuracy, speed, transparency and reliability are the factors that matter the most. With this service, Amazon may become the first trillion dollar company.

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10 Creative Ways to Make Shopping Fun for the Kids

Economia says when you have young children, everything for them can become a love/hate adventure. They love to go to the park, but they hate to go grocery shopping. Here are 10 creative ways to turn that around and make shopping fun too.

1. For toddlers, keep bubble wrap in storage at the house that you bring out only for shopping trips.
2. At night while watching TV, string Cheerios into a “necklace of delight” for your babies to wear in the cart.
3. Put together a “busy kit” of funny stickers, drawing paper, pens that you can bring along at a moments notice.
4. Let them wear whatever they want, which could mean an old Halloween costume or their sibling’s clothes.
5. Keep books stashed in the car at all times for unexpected trips to the store.
6. Pack a special treat to eat while you shop.
7. Get a “shopping cart hammock” for the baby typically for under $50.
8. Find stores that give out samples!
9. Get each child a balloon on a stick. The stick instead of a string, so it doesn’t get away in the store. Check the floral department.
10. And the best tip is to stop at the greeting cards first and pick out a card for a friend or family member, and let the kids “personalize” it while you shop. This idea makes everyone happy.

Young Man Saves Man’s Life On First Date

A young man named Tristan Gareau had a very interesting first date recently, as he and his now girlfriend were driving along when he spotted in a man who had endured a car crash and was knocked unconscious. The vehicle was already smoking by the time Gareau got to him and pulled him from the vehicle. According to an article found on reddit and written by CBC.Ca, the car had burst into flames just moments after the young man was able to take the driver out of the car. That is truly a lucky situation as it could have been the end of the road for the man. Police finally arrived on the scene and they did credit Gareau for being a huge contributor to saving the other man’s life.

Gareau was happy to announce that at the end of the day, he did get the girl he went out on the date with and they are still moving forward together. After all that is a very unique situation to be in and I am sure that everyone involved was happy that the young man had come along to save the driver of the car. Folks at Imaging Advantage agree that it is nice that some people will risk themselves for a stranger in a bad situation instead of just worrying about themselves or what could happen. Although, hopefully someone would have done the same for anyone if they were spotted in a car giving off smoke.

Breastfeeding May Have Long-Term Effects

In 1982, a study was begun in Brazil. The researchers recorded information about nearly 6,000 newborns and infants, noting when they were first given a diet of solid foods and how long they were breast-fed.

Lawyers suggested that three decades later, the researchers tracked down as much information as they could about these now-adult infants, noting IQ scores, education, and income. Information regarding the mother’s education, smoking habits, and family’s income were also noted, and these variables were taken into account as much as possible.

After analyzing the data, it was found that those participants who had been breast-fed for over a year generally had higher levels of income, better IQ scores, and more years of education than the participants who had been breast-fed for a month or less. One possible cause cited was the presence of the long-chain saturated fatty acids in breast milk, as these are crucial for brain development.

Although the researchers admitted that there were many variables which were unknown, they also noted that the evidence strongly indicates that breast milk is very likely beneficial long-term. While they recognized that there are a host of factors which influence IQ and income, they also noted that there are many reasons that breast-feeding should be encouraged.

North American Spine Brings Yoga to Local Children

Chronic back pain is a problem that blights the lives of millions of Americans each year, which is why North American Spine is hoping to help the next generation grow to understand how yoga can help avoid future problems with their backs. A program has been developed by members of staff at North American Spine that encourages children to take part in yoga classes from a young age, those targeted include pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten aged children. As part of Yoga Recess Day the CW33 News featured a class given to 50 students of Robert E. Lee Elementary school in Dallas, Texas to teach the basics of yoga to the children, PR Newswire has reported.

Yoga has been used by specialists in chronic back pain management for many years as a complimentary treatment that can reduce the pain and stress felt by an individual before they undergo invasive surgery techniques. Even at North American Spine, where the AccuraScope technique is used with an 82 percent success rate, pain management specialists explore other options before surgery is recommended. By encouraging children to understand their bodies and minds in a simple and effective way through yoga the hope is that a reduced number of people will be affected by chronic back pain in the future. Providing 50 yoga mats to Robert E, Lee Elementary has also been done to encourage participation by students of all ages within the school.

Target Gives In To Pressure And Will Raise Minimum Wage Rate In April

Target is suffering the aftershocks of their failed Canadian business in several different ways. The giant popular price retailer is cutting open positions in the home office and laying off 1,700 employees as well.

A few weeks ago, the chain announced they would not increase the pay of their minimum wage employees because they felt their pay scale was competitive. Then for some reason, the executives of the chain woke up. Target just announce a $9 minimum wage starting in April for all their minimum wage earners.

Target seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. They operate in a highly competitive market and, at the moment, Walmart is king of that market. When Walmart makes a move, every retailer in that market makes the same or a similar move. Walmart announced their minimum wage increase last month, and so did Marshalls and T.J. Max.

Facebook reported that Target has a lot of catching up to do if they want consumers to keep walking through their red doors with the same level of enthusiasm they have had in the past. Everyone including Wall Street is watching their next move. Let’s hope the suits at Target loosen their ties and go to work.