Water Fluoridation Might Be Unnecessary After All

According to dino.com.br water fluoridation has been happening since the 1940’s. Over 72 percent of Americans are subjected to fluoridated water through their tap systems. The reason behind this is simple; it is thought that fluoride works to reduce the number of cavities.

The science behind water fluoridation has long been the subject of contention between many. Many people are against the use of fluoride. They believe it might have negative effects on the body, some even have conspiracies based around fluoridation. The CDC has different thoughts on the matter and has labeled fluoride as safe, effective, and beneficial for the public. A new study says that label might be old-fashioned and just plain wrong.

A group of researchers and doctor’s known as The Cochrane Collaboration, recently decided to undertake comprehensive research on the matter. After reviewing every study that they could find on the matter, researchers declared that the evidence was insufficient. They concluded that no evidence has ever been shown that can link fluoride use to the reduction of cavities in adults.

The news came as a surprise to many people. Which brings to mind the question that some of those people now want answered. Will this study lead to the reduction of water fluoridation on Americans tap water systems?

Teacher Gives of Self to Save Student

What does a teacher do when she finds out that there is a teen who is in desperate need of help? What does a teacher do when she hears about a teenager who is in need of a kidney? There are some who would try to raise awareness of what is going on, there are some who would ignore the situation, and then there are some who step right in and give of themselves.

A teacher in North Carolina is giving of herself in order to help out a student in need. This teacher has decided that one of her kidneys would help this student out, and she has committed to helping that student by giving that kidney. Wirth knows this teacher is someone who is acting as a hero. This teacher didn’t turn away when she heard about a need, instead, she gave of herself to make the life of one girl a little better.

A Company That Only Gives And Takes The Best

Qnet is a direct sales company like no other. Qnet offers products that deal with health and wellness. They are offered in very diverse markets, and they are beneficial both for their clients and for their distributors. Qnet is very unique because they have distributors in more than 100 different countries. Qnet is a direct sales company that promotes diversity and unity within the company. Qnet’s leadership is made up of individuals from more than 30 different countries, and they are very proud of the fact that they are able to represent so many different cultures and different ways of thinking.

Qnet is a company that recognizes the value of its distributors. They are dedicated to the education and the success of their distributors. Since that is the case, they give all of their distributors the tools and education that they need not only to be able to be familiar with Qnet as a company, but also to be able to have success in their business and in their lives. The leaders of Qnet were inspired by Gandhi. Gandhi was an amazing humanitarian, and he focused his teachings on whole happiness and on people. With that way of thinking in mind, Qnet made their companies model be RYTHM. This stands for raise yourself to help mankind. Qnet truly wants to empower individuals to not only succeed in the business, but they want to help others succeed as individuals and families.

The products that Qnet offers are very unique. They are considered to be life enhancing products. These products help people to live their best life, and they help them to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Qnet is also a company that is very involved with community. They have instigated many community outreach programs to help them to make a difference in the lives of their employees and in the lives of those people in their community that are in need. Qnet wants people to realize their dreams and live the life that they always wanted to live. Qnet is truly a unique and diverse company. It is a company that strives for excellence with its distributors, team leaders, and within the community.

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Mother and Child Miraculously Survive Plane Crash

A young mother and her infant son were found alive five days after they were in a plane crash. The mother and her child were not initially found at the crash site so investigators had believed that they were in all likelihood dead.

The crash took place in the Choco Province of Colombia after the Cessna that they were in crashed due to unknown circumstances. When the mother realized that she and her child both survived, she took the child a little ways off into the jungle. A fire had started on the plane and she had feared that it would explode.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, investigators say that the survival of the mother and her child are nothing short of a miracle. They have yet to figure out how they were even able to survive such a crash. The child received no injuries at all during the crash. The mother did have some burns on her arms and legs from the fire, but is expected to make a full recovery.

They might not have even found her had she not walked out of the jungle after hearing the calls of their loudspeaker coming from the crash site. The mother and child survived for the five days off of the coconuts that the plane had been carrying. They also received help right after the crash from members of an indigenous tribe.

Mother Puts Up Billboard Sized Graduation Picture For Her Son

Even though June is coming to an end, there are still schools that are having graduations. New Jersey Student’s Graduation Billboard. A young man that goes to school in New Jersey, his mother decided to celebrate his graduation in an amazing way. Most parents will get some sort of banner that sits in front of their home, and it tells the world that their child has graduated high school. Other parents may have graduation parties, and they may do slideshows with their child’s pictures on it. This mother decided to do something much bigger than all of this.

The mother has six children, and she’s a single mother at that. Before anyone starts judging her, think about this, she has worked hard to care for all of her children, and she decided to do something nice for her son. She rented out a billboard, and it’s the type that you pass on the freeway. On this humongous billboard, she put a picture of her son, and she put a great statement on it. According to Mikal Watts, the statement said “A mother cannot raise a man, but I raised a gentleman.”

The sign cost just over $700, which is an amazing bargain, and she also rented an ice cream truck to throw a party underneath the banner. Her son was so surprised, and he was shocked by the entire billboard, so he said he plans to buy his mother a house and a car in the future.

Exposure To Lead Is Still A Problem To Children

Research conducted by the University of Cincinnati found the exposure to lead as toddlers has left young adults with permanent and devastating brain damage. They have released their results taken on young African American adults from Cincinnati neighborhoods that had been exposed to lead even in small doses. The test consisted of running them through an MRI machine which shows any known or suspected damage to the head and brain.

The images were startling. Gray matter in the brain that enables one to pay attention,control impulses and regulate emotions had been affected with the toxic metal. The lead had also messed up the white matter which is responsible for relaying messages between different areas in the brain. This portion of white matter works a lot like calcium playing an important role in brain development.

The study showed scars had been left with significant consequences in the study subjects. The test subjects were known to have more difficulty in learning than children who had not been exposed. When they became teens they had been responsible for committing crimes more often. This study proves what has been known by specialists for years that lead is a poison and having removed it from paint and gasoline has reduced the exposure to American children.

According to FreedomPop, the study also released new information concerning this extremely toxic material in that it is much more harmful than previously thought. Paint and deposits left from old car emissions are still out there and continuing to harm children. Lead poisoning is again gaining attention from education experts, criminologists and economists. Exposure to this harmful toxic in children becomes apparent years later. The exposure causes economic impact to taxpayers in the form of increased health care, law enforcement and special education.

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Children Do Not Drink Enough Water

Recently information from a new study was released that explained more than one half of children and teens in the United States currently do not drink enough plain water as part of their daily hydration requirements. According to eric Pulier, the study also showed that boys are much more likely to be dehydrated on any given day than girls are. Non-Hispanic African Americans were also more likely to be dehydrated than Caucasians. Better hydration leads to less health issues such as illness, headaches and growing pains.

The good thing about these statistics is that there is a simple solution involved. While many parents may think they are giving their child enough fluids throughout the course of the day, it may be the wrong
Keep in mind that soda and other sugary drinks are not necessarily the best thing to hydrate with. Milk is good but water is best especially when a child has been participating in a great deal of physical activity over the course of the day.

Ensuring proper hydration is important. Children who are better hydrated showed to perform better in the classroom. This information was provided by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity is also a big concern among children in the United States. This can be due to poor hydration habits. Soda is ok for a treat, but it is not recommended for consumption on a daily basis, especially by children.

Is Vaping Really An Alternative To Tobacco?

Vaping, which involves inhaling from a device that heats nicotine liquid into a vapor, has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Hailed as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, many jumped on board the trend in hopes of kicking their bad habit. FreedomPop tells that unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working.

In the spirit of “say it isn’t so”, vaping is failing to deliver on promises. While vaping is on the rise with 10% of Americans partaking, three quarters of that population still use tobacco. To make matters worse, there still isn’t any solid evidence that vapor alternatives are harmless. It’s not shocking that people who vape continue to use tobacco, since the addictive nicotine is still present, but just offered in a literally watered-down delivery.

Quitting tobacco is not easy, and it seems that there really is no substitute for hard work and determination. While vaping may only produce a water vapor as opposed to harmful smoke, the science just doesn’t support the notion that it is a healthy alternative. Hopefully those looking to free themselves from tobacco will find solutions, but it doesn’t look like vaping will be one of them.

Sister of an Olympic Star Was Abandonned, Amazing People As An Adult

Dominique Moceanu was a gold medal gymnast in the 1996 Olympics. She retired to get married and raise a family. All that time, the Olympic gold medal winner had a secret sister who was given up for adoption when the gymnast was about six-years-old. Dumitru and Camelia, of Romania, were living in Cleveland,Ohio with their two daughters. One look at their younger daughter, and the couple were unwilling to keep her because she was born without legs; they thought the medical care would be too costly for them. The legless wonder was adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker of Oblong, Illinois. Bricker grew up with three brothers.
Despite being legless,Jen Bricker grew up playing volley ball, basketball, and gymnastics as best she could.Her parents did not want to hinder their daughter by overprotecting her because she was disabled. When Bricker was eight-years-old, she saw Dominique Moceanu competing in the 1996 Olympics. She was ecstatic watching the young performer. Bricker’s parents took note of the name of this gymnast and were amazed that she had the same last name as the family who had given up their daughter for adoption almost nine years ago. Folks at Boraie Development LLC (pressofatlanticcity.com) have learned that Sharon and Gerald Bricker decided to keep the news that their daughter was Moceanu’s sister from her for seven years. When she was 16, the adopted girl met her biological sister and formed a lasting friendship.

‘Sesame Street’ Teaches Children as Much as Preschool Does

Ever since 1969 an educational children’s show has aired called ‘Sesame Street‘. People and muppets act out skits with the goal of entertaining and teaching the young audience. Memorable characters such as Cookie Monster and Elmo have been remembered by the viewers for years. But how much does the show actually teach?

A paper by Wellesley College’s Phillip Levine and University of Maryland’s Melissa Kearney discovers that one of the effects of Sesame Street is helping children remain at their appropriate grade level instead of falling behind. Especially those children that live in disadvantaged areas. It could in part be because of the curriculum that is included in the episodes of Sesame Street and the focus on learning math and reading.

Many people have looked over the paper and did not dispute the findings. Sesame Street shows children’s early education is important and the show has an effect on children through high school.

Researchers and “Sesame Street” researchers agree that the show does not replace programs such as “Head Start” because of the other benefits involved. But Sesame Street can still contribute to a child’s education and provide learning for children in any home, including low-income ones.