Beneful makes dogs stomachs full and keeps them healthy

Many dog owners choose Beneful products to feed their dogs. Humans like to dine on high quality food, and dogs are no different. Man’s best friend choose to eat meals that have wholesome ingredients. Being delicious is certainly a positive that Beneful did not forsake. Beneful provides dog owners from many regions on the world with wholesome and delicious food.

Open up a container or bag of Beneful dog food, and the types of meat, poultry, and fish can be found. Beneful has a wide range of delicious protein for dogs to dine on. Chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, beef, and salmon. Options like this give dogs that spice of life, variety. While dogs can enjoy eating their favorite meals over and over again, they would also love try out different meals throughout the week.

Beneful’s wet dog food comes in these packages: Chopped Blends with Chicken, Chopped Blends with Lamb, Chopped Blends with Beef, Chopped Blends with Salmon, Chopped Blends with Chicken & Liver, and so on. But there are also different styles to really change it up, and excite those taste buds. Beneful also offers these kind of meals: Mediterranean Style Medley with Lamb, Romana Style Medley with Chicken, Tuscan Style Medley with Beef, Beef $ Chicken Medley, and so on.

Stew comes in Beneful’s prepared meals: Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Savory Rice & Lamb Stew, and more. The point is, Beneful has many dishes to choose from. Visit their website to see all the five star meals (really go check, many meals obtained a five star review from customers).

Nutrition is very important for humans, and of course this rule holds true for dogs. Beneful understands this, and provides healthy dog food to keep and maintain the pet’s health with wholesome ingredients. Naturally the food also tastes very good. The listed foods before were wet dog food, but there’s also dry dog food. For puppies, Beneful has a bag stuffed with the right nutrients for proper and healthy growth. For the playful dogs, Beneful offers Playful Life, and this bag contains actual beef and eggs for proper protein intake to support and maintain muscles. Of course the bag is balanced with whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.

Dry foods by Beneful all provide great nutrition, and each one specializes in something else. Beneful IncrediBites has crunchy, tender, and chewy morsels in easy to chew size. A more vitamin rich product is Beneful Healthy Fiesta, which also contains real chicken, and avocado. For healthy skin, and a nice shiny coat, try Beneful Healthy Radiance. As the name suggests, it’s filled with things that support the dog’s appearance. Healthy omega fatty acids does the trick, giving the dog a glossy coat, and healthy skin. Salmon provides protein, and the package is balanced out with vegetables and wholesome grains.

Or go with Beneful Original. There’s high quality real beef, which means high quality protein. The nutrition in this package supports the immune system as well, so the four legged friend can fight off disease and infection thanks to the antioxidants.

Beneful has many products to choose from, so find the right one.

Four Core Steps to Wikipedia Editing Success

Wikipedia is a giant of industry and one of the most important non profit businesses on the planet. The encyclopedia has grown in scale and scope over the years and is now one of the most visited resources of information in the world. The constant turnover of new information, required edits, and spam brigading has mandated that the website be run by a giant volunteer force. Some Wikipedia writers are on Wikipedia for the love of information while others have a scholarly affinity for editing and upkeep. No matter why an editor approaches Wikipedia they must follow a set of core principles in order to succeed.

Remain neutral in point of view.
The reason that Wikipedia has found such global success is that the company does not allow its writers to have an opinion within their content. Wikipedia calls this “following the NPOV”. The NPOV stands for Neutral Point Of View and it is the direction that every editor must cater to. Sticking to the facts without allowing bias or conjecture to sway the content is absolutely integral to prolonged editing and content creating success on the encyclopedia.

Write for the audience.
The breadth of information that Wikipedia covers can appeal to generalists and niche audiences alike. Knowing which audience an editor is writing for can help guide the content of the piece in an appropriate direction. An article on music theory, for example, should be more specific than an article on music as a form of culture. Writing for the proper audience is absolutely integral for success as an editor. Along this same line of thinking, editors should avoid speaking commandingly on topics that they do not have authority in.

Be willing to branch out.
The heart and soul of Wikipedia is derived from its breadth of scope. Editors should not be afraid to work on articles that have been established for years and nor should they be afraid to start their own content pages. The ability to branch out gives Wikipedia a better chance at long term survival. Editors who refuse to branch out typically consign themselves to a small pen, diluting their own ability.

Remain academic.
Wikipedia is, at its forefront, an academic work. This means that the focus for editors should always be on how to improve the content of the encyclopedia in an academic way. This means adhering to the precepts of research, citation, and also verification.

Wikipedia Editing Basics

Contributing to Wikipedia as an editor or original author can be a pretty heady experience thanks to the mass of information available already on the website. Once a prospective writer finds a niche that they feel capable of contributing to they must then adhere to a strict set of standards that Wikipedia enforces. There are several different important rules all compiled in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. Being the front page of the internet in regards to information at a glance, Wikipedia must keep to these rules in order to keep their quality control up. Compiled below are a few key take always to understand before contributing.

Keep things impersonal.
The hallmark of a good Wikipedia entry is that it will refuse to allow the viewer to form an opinion on the author. That means that the writer of the article is staying consistently away from offering up biased perspectives. This is done by avoiding strong adjectives (good, great, wonderful) and refusing to consider opinions (awful person, great device, important distinctions). Wikipedia wants their information to speak for itself and not make a name out of the authors underneath all of the words.

Stick to notable subjects.
Casual purveyors of Wikipedia have a warped idea of what the encyclopedia actually is. It is not, in fact, a compendium of ALL knowledge. Instead, Wikipedia wants to focus on collecting knowledge regarding to only noteworthy events, places, and individuals. This means that authors should check the notability guidelines before considering creating a Wikipedia page to the website. If the new page is not noteworthy it should not be added.

Be willing to contribute.
New Wikipedia editors are often mistakenly stuck under the impression that they should not dabble in too many pages. Editors are, in fact, asked to help out in any ways that they see fit. So Wikipedia asks their workers to be bold in their approach to editing the website. If there is a potential problem found out, then go ahead and address that problem by following the proper protocol.

Be timely with edits.
Successful Wikipedia editors know that the window to getting an important edit written on the website is very tight. News travels fast and editors are always leaping to be the first people to adjust the topics. So potential editors who see breaking news are often motivated to go ahead and edit right away. Don’t be afraid to be first on the scene.

Make Sure to Consume Omega 3 Fatty Acids Along With Other Nutrients During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when women have to be sure they are doing everything they can to give their baby a good start in life. This will include getting plenty of sleep, eating right and exercise, which may have to get progressively milder as the pregnancy advances says Dr. Daniel Amen. You may also want to think about supplementing depending on nutritional needs during pregnancy. It is certainly important for the mother to be to get all necessary vitamins and minerals every day to make sure the baby has all the building blocks he or she needs for proper development. In addition to these, they should make sure they are taking omega 3 fatty acids.

Everyone should actually make sure they get sufficient omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis as they are good for the heart and they have anti-inflammatory actions as well as lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. The U.S. National Institutes of Health states that omega 3 fatty acids are particularly important during pregnancy because they help with brain and eye development of the fetus. They can also help reduce the potential for depression in the mother. A good source of this essential nutrient is cold water fish such as salmon and tuna. It can also be supplemented with fish oil capsules. Your baby is only going to have one chance to develop in your womb so give your child all the advantages you can before they’ve even come out into the world.

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The Fluoridation of America’s Water Is Outdated and Unnecessary

Municipal water suppliers throughout most of America have been adding fluoride to tap water since 1945 when it first began in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally established with the intent of reducing cavities, today, two thirds of Americans have fluoride added into their water supply. However, recent reviews of previous studies done on the benefits of ingesting fluoride to fight tooth decay have discovered controversial findings to the contrary.

Not only that, but in addition to imposing the chemical on people who would rather not ingest it, newer research indicates a correlation to health risks associated with the chemical. Problems with impaired brain function and the chemical’s intrusiveness with the endocrine system have been linked with fluoridation. And, as recently as the past several months, water fluoridation has been connected to underactive thyroid and ADHD.

According to facebook a team of doctors and researchers known as the Cochrane Collaboration perform broad reviews to evaluate public health policies and their effectiveness. Their latest project was to assess and evaluate every fluoridation study available to them. They then weeded through them all to find the most thorough and reliable ones to analyze. Of all the studies done, they found seven done prior to 1975 and only three since that year to be adequate enough to examine further. What they discovered was, that cavities in permanent teeth were not reduced by any substantial amount. They also found no beneficial impact on the cavity reduction in baby teeth as well.

With all the strides that have been accomplished in the dental field since fluoridation began, the good health of our teeth can be accomplished in ways other than fluoridation. As well, so many oral products like toothpaste and mouthwash now carry topical fluoride which is much more beneficial.

Water Fluoridation Might Be Unnecessary After All

According to water fluoridation has been happening since the 1940’s. Over 72 percent of Americans are subjected to fluoridated water through their tap systems. The reason behind this is simple; it is thought that fluoride works to reduce the number of cavities.

The science behind water fluoridation has long been the subject of contention between many. Many people are against the use of fluoride. They believe it might have negative effects on the body, some even have conspiracies based around fluoridation. The CDC has different thoughts on the matter and has labeled fluoride as safe, effective, and beneficial for the public. A new study says that label might be old-fashioned and just plain wrong.

A group of researchers and doctor’s known as The Cochrane Collaboration, recently decided to undertake comprehensive research on the matter. After reviewing every study that they could find on the matter, researchers declared that the evidence was insufficient. They concluded that no evidence has ever been shown that can link fluoride use to the reduction of cavities in adults.

The news came as a surprise to many people. Which brings to mind the question that some of those people now want answered. Will this study lead to the reduction of water fluoridation on Americans tap water systems?

Teacher Gives of Self to Save Student

What does a teacher do when she finds out that there is a teen who is in desperate need of help? What does a teacher do when she hears about a teenager who is in need of a kidney? There are some who would try to raise awareness of what is going on, there are some who would ignore the situation, and then there are some who step right in and give of themselves.

A teacher in North Carolina is giving of herself in order to help out a student in need. This teacher has decided that one of her kidneys would help this student out, and she has committed to helping that student by giving that kidney. Wirth knows this teacher is someone who is acting as a hero. This teacher didn’t turn away when she heard about a need, instead, she gave of herself to make the life of one girl a little better.

A Company That Only Gives And Takes The Best

Qnet is a direct sales company like no other. Qnet offers products that deal with health and wellness. They are offered in very diverse markets, and they are beneficial both for their clients and for their distributors. Qnet is very unique because they have distributors in more than 100 different countries. Qnet is a direct sales company that promotes diversity and unity within the company. Qnet’s leadership is made up of individuals from more than 30 different countries, and they are very proud of the fact that they are able to represent so many different cultures and different ways of thinking.

Qnet is a company that recognizes the value of its distributors. They are dedicated to the education and the success of their distributors. Since that is the case, they give all of their distributors the tools and education that they need not only to be able to be familiar with Qnet as a company, but also to be able to have success in their business and in their lives. The leaders of Qnet were inspired by Gandhi. Gandhi was an amazing humanitarian, and he focused his teachings on whole happiness and on people. With that way of thinking in mind, Qnet made their companies model be RYTHM. This stands for raise yourself to help mankind. Qnet truly wants to empower individuals to not only succeed in the business, but they want to help others succeed as individuals and families.

The products that Qnet offers are very unique. They are considered to be life enhancing products. These products help people to live their best life, and they help them to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Qnet is also a company that is very involved with community. They have instigated many community outreach programs to help them to make a difference in the lives of their employees and in the lives of those people in their community that are in need. Qnet wants people to realize their dreams and live the life that they always wanted to live. Qnet is truly a unique and diverse company. It is a company that strives for excellence with its distributors, team leaders, and within the community.

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Mother and Child Miraculously Survive Plane Crash

A young mother and her infant son were found alive five days after they were in a plane crash. The mother and her child were not initially found at the crash site so investigators had believed that they were in all likelihood dead.

The crash took place in the Choco Province of Colombia after the Cessna that they were in crashed due to unknown circumstances. When the mother realized that she and her child both survived, she took the child a little ways off into the jungle. A fire had started on the plane and she had feared that it would explode.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, investigators say that the survival of the mother and her child are nothing short of a miracle. They have yet to figure out how they were even able to survive such a crash. The child received no injuries at all during the crash. The mother did have some burns on her arms and legs from the fire, but is expected to make a full recovery.

They might not have even found her had she not walked out of the jungle after hearing the calls of their loudspeaker coming from the crash site. The mother and child survived for the five days off of the coconuts that the plane had been carrying. They also received help right after the crash from members of an indigenous tribe.

Mother Puts Up Billboard Sized Graduation Picture For Her Son

Even though June is coming to an end, there are still schools that are having graduations. New Jersey Student’s Graduation Billboard. A young man that goes to school in New Jersey, his mother decided to celebrate his graduation in an amazing way. Most parents will get some sort of banner that sits in front of their home, and it tells the world that their child has graduated high school. Other parents may have graduation parties, and they may do slideshows with their child’s pictures on it. This mother decided to do something much bigger than all of this.

The mother has six children, and she’s a single mother at that. Before anyone starts judging her, think about this, she has worked hard to care for all of her children, and she decided to do something nice for her son. She rented out a billboard, and it’s the type that you pass on the freeway. On this humongous billboard, she put a picture of her son, and she put a great statement on it. According to Mikal Watts, the statement said “A mother cannot raise a man, but I raised a gentleman.”

The sign cost just over $700, which is an amazing bargain, and she also rented an ice cream truck to throw a party underneath the banner. Her son was so surprised, and he was shocked by the entire billboard, so he said he plans to buy his mother a house and a car in the future.