ClassDojo Partners With PERTS To Make Learning Easier

ClassDojo is currently shaping the future classroom and soon, every school all over the world could be using this communication platform to enhance the learning process. The communication platform is a product of the education tech company, ClassDojo, that was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The company sought to provide a free and easy-to-use app that brings together teachers, students and parents to create a community for a more enjoyable learning experience.
Initially, ClassDojo was used as a means of rewarding students who showed excellent behavior or demonstrated new skills. It evolved to become a platform where teachers could communicate with parents by sharing photos and videos of their children to show their progress and behavior. The app has proven successful in creating a positive culture within classrooms. It shows the kids that learning can be fun and enjoyable.
Currently, the company states that ClassDojo is present in 2 in 3 schools in the US. Teachers from kindergarten through to the eighth grade are using the communication platform, praising it for the wonderful results it delivers. The company is currently directing its efforts towards distributing the app to more teachers and parents.
There is more good news for teachers as research has shown that a growth mindset is powerful enough to change the perceptions students have of themselves as learners. This was discovered by Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford. When kids fully get the message that their brains can be molded and their abilities developed, they then readily embrace the challenge of learning.
Many teachers agree with the research findings as they have always desired that type of environment in the classroom. However, the real struggle has always been to weave the growth mindset into their everyday teaching practice. This is where ClassDojo steps in to save the day. The company is working hand-in-hand with Project for Educational Research That Scales (PERTS) from Stanford University.
The partnership will see the creation of a series of five animated videos that feature the ClassDojo characters that the students are familiar with. The videos are meant to teach the growth mindset. Dave Paunesku, PERTS’s executive director, expressed his excitement for the efforts that ClassDojo had made in reaching teachers with the message of the growth mindset. There are plans to carry out a survey before and after the use of the videos to gauge their effectiveness in passing on the message.

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Tale of a survivor and conqueror of all odds, Yeonmi Park.

This is a story about a lady who can only be described by the bravest and strongest words known. A tale of a woman who overcame all the odds including seeing her mother raped in front of her and being sold to others so that they can marry her off, and came out stronger than ever. It is a story that was released on Amazon which incorporated the love of a mother and father determined to ensure the success and growth of their child no matter the circumstances.

It all started in North Korea where Yeonmi Park and her parents were determined to get out of to escape the harsh and oppressive nature and treatment from the government towards its people. Park’s parents deciding to flee to China to seek refuge and better lives for their children after enduring much struggle and suffering under their government.
Kim Jong-il, being the leader at the time, was a dictator and a leader who cared less or not at all about the people who inhabited the land. They had little and others nothing to eat and survived on what they could salvage to eat. Conditions at the time were horrible, streets were unbearable, and heaps of dead bodies piled in the streets could be seen all over the streets, some ripped open by animals. The poor conditions led to diseases which came as a result sweeping the nation and with the economy to a halt, and nothing could be done to help those that could survive the terrible times. Nobody could stand to speak out about the firm and harsh leadership for the fear of being caught and killed on the spot like stray or rogue animals and in any way, they felt like.
This inspiring story by Yeonmi tells all to be brave and battle to overcome all odds to become a hero among the people in harsh situations. It shows people that they can overcome all challenges and still be voice and change that will influence the world for good, and become the voice of many who are voiceless. More information posted on the

Emerging Image Recognition

During a recent conference with other developers Marc Zuckerburg discussed plans for branching out and combining artificial intelligence with technology. Marc demonstrated a technology underway that is programmed to understand images. The recognition will allow those who are impaired visually to be able to understand what is going on when there is an image. The image recognition will out loud tell what is happening at the moment.

There are several amazing benefits that images can provide when pairing it with modern day technology. This type of image recognition that Marc spoke about during the conference is already paving way. It is possible for technology to efficiently be able to identify correctly what is happening in a picture? This is possible when a large quantity of data is available for a constant use.

Pascal VOC and ImageNet are well established resources that contain millions of different images. Each of the images has tagged keywords attached to them to identify what is going on in the picture. Since being launched in 2009 ImageNet currently has more than $14 million images that are tagged and can be used for learning purposes.

On the other hand Pascal VOC has fewer pictures than ImageNet, but each of its pictures has substantial annotations. There are several frameworks available that could be used to help a system learn multiple visual technology functions – Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition.

A wide range of visual function can occur ranging from emotional to medical recognition. TensorFlow, UC Berkeley’s Caffe, and Torch are magnificent frameworks that can be used to farther pave advancements in image recognition. More inforamtion regarding these technology avenues can be found via TechCrunch. Having the resources to pave way for this technology may not be as easy as it seems.

However, businesses that use databases, substantial amount of resources, and make the most with beneficial connections could have the success connected to expanding image recognition worldwide. For instance Slyce has continually been a leading avenue for image recognition.

It was established in 2012 and was founded by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell. Slyce is a well-known company that is located in Toronto. Slyce aims to provide unique and beneficial ways for retailers to be able to use its technology on branded websites as well as mobile-friendly applications. Overall, Slyce as a whole works with several develops in order to maintain global recognition.

Source: Why image recognition is about to transform business

George Soros: Solutions Instead of Problems

Marketwatch recently had an incredibly interesting article on George Soros, which can be found and it features an incredible plan to fix the asylum chaos problem that is currently occurring. It is a plan that if set in motion can really make some positive changes for the better. Considering his experience and expertise in areas of human rights on, it would be wise to listen to him. He’s the type of man that commands a room when he enters it. People stand up, pay attention to him, and listen to what he has to say. His words don’t fall on deaf ears nor should they. It is like an experienced quarterback in the huddle that has thrown many game-winning touchdown passes. George Soros has been there before and knows what it takes to succeed.

Even at the age of 85, he is still sharp as a tack and knows what is going on in the world today. He keeps up to date on current events on and his finger on the pulse of what’s important. He has described the current problem with the The European Union as a political crisis. What has caused it, you might ask? That is a valid question with a very simple answer, according to George. It has been selfishness. They haven’t been on the same page. They have different agendas and have often worked against each other instead of working together for the greater good. As the old expression goes, there is too many cooks in the kitchen. Instead of all of this in-fighting, arguing, and banging their heads against the wall, they need to team up as one and become a singular unit.

George Soros has five ways that this can be fixed: The EU must take responsibility for a minimum of a million asylum-seekers annually until the problem is fixed. There also needs to be funds to help the global efforts in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, which currently has over four million refugees in those countries trying to survive and take care of each other, day-to-day. He also suggests creating an EU Asylum and Migration Agency which will lead to one EU Boarder Guard. Safety is also vital. If you safely greet people coming in from other countries, it will put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. It can be challenging going somewhere new, and you need someone to help ease the transition and make it as smooth as possible. Finally, use private sectors as sponsors to help with some of the burden. They are ready and willing to help. All you have to do is reach out to them and they will be there in a heartbeat.

George Soros knows what he is talking about, and again, we need to listen to them. He hasn’t become a billionaire investor by accident He has donated more than 11 billion to causes. He puts his money where his mouth is and backs it up with his experience and the fact he is one of the 30 richest people in the world.

The Dick DeVos Promise

The DeVos family is one of the wealthiest and popular in Michigan, United States. However, they are known best for their acts of charity especially in the social and education sectors. Dick DeVos is the head of the family. His father was an aggressive entrepreneur who founded the Amway company.

Dick DeVos learnt from the best teacher in his father. He joined Amway is early 1970’s and became an integral member of the team. As he gained experience, DeVos proved he had a business mind and found responsibilities in marketing, finance, research and developments as reported on Wikipedia. Interestingly, his era as vice president saw the firm penetrate markets in eighteen countries and sales skyrocket by a 100% margin.

When his family bought the Orlando magic basketball team, DeVos received the nod from his father to serve as its President. Though the move had its critics, Dick still performed well and gained the support of all stakeholders. Eventually, he went back to Amway upon his father’s retirement to assume the role of President and CEO.

Dick DeVos feels blessed to be born and raised in such a compassionate and financially successful family. He felt the need to use the family resources for the greater good and in early 1980’s he founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy his wife of three decades has played an instrumental role in discharging the duties of the foundation.

One of the areas she and her husband have persistently engaged in is educational sector reforms. When the foundation began running, the first activity they ventured into was helping children from underprivileged families access quality education. Betsy felt the need to make education affordable to all hence began lobbying legislators and policy makers towards the course.

The couple has had to world for the course while striking a balance between philanthropy and politics. Dick DeVos held the position of State Education Board director in the 1990’s, a position from which he could best spread the reform agenda. Betsy acknowledges the high level of criticism that comes with such charitable activity especially from the political sector.

According to a profile of Dick and Betsy DeVos on , they remain active at the community level. They work in partnership with like-minded organization in Michigan and beyond to bring about prosperity for the people. The power couple has also been bestowed upon huge responsibilities in public oversight boards for schools and other public amenities.

Queens of Drama a Must Watch

Creating a new primetime reality tv show like Queens of Drama might be the answer to finding a new and exiting way to entertain and delight the audiences. If you’re a fan of in-your-face TV drama, then this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

The show debut on April 26, 2015 on POP for ten seasons. The stars of the show are Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Donna Mills, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, and Hunter Tylo in what reviewers hail as a must watch.

The beauty of this show is that it features six beautiful, established career women with egos, personality conflicts and lost of drama to boot.

The series was indented to portray the 6 Diva actresses in a role where they come up with ideas for their own show. Many of us love to watch celebrities shamelessly feature every last detail of their bourgeoisie lifestyle to somewhat ameliorate our own problems. The combination of these 6 gorgeous and feisty Prima Donna’s is nothing short of hilarious.

The star of the show is Crystal Hunt. Hunt has been in the spotlight since she was two years old.
She has had a long and successful career in the television and film industry. SoapOperaNetwork indicates Hunt has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy and Soap Opera Digest Award for Guiding Light. Guiding Light was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running TV soap opera in American history.

FamousBirthdays pointed out that Crystal Hunt has also appeared in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion and the 2007 film Sydney White. In 2014 Hunt produced her own film Talbot County and thereby gained some serious notoriety and credibility as a Hollywood Professional. So to say Hunt is a heavyweight in the TV and film business is a major understatement.  Especially considering how Crystal’s Facebook page continues to grow.

The fact that the main premise of this show was to give audiences some behind the scene insight on what’s involved in having to come with an idea for creating and producing a successful TV drama was a perfect fit for the talented actresses.

In this role as one of the Queens of Drama Crystal Hunt once again lets her knowledge and experience set the bar of what good entertainment should be all about. If you want to have a good time watching six contentious women battling it out, then the Queens of Drama would be what many reviewers suggest you should watch.

All Natural Wen Products by Chaz Dean

Based on this user submitted article, originally found on, WEN hair products give hair an extra shine and thickness they were lacking before use. Writer Emily Mcclure tested the acclaimed Wen hair product over the course of a week to see if it really was all it claimed to be. Everyday she took a picture and added some information about how her hair felt and looked throughout the day while also showing us how much of the product she used. Mcclure stated that she received many positive comments after switching to Wen and the additional moisturizers in the the WEN Cleansing Conditioner made her hair look shiny and healthy.

Chaz Dean, the creator of the WEN hair product line, created the first prototype of his cleansing conditioners in the mid 1990s. Though he worked with several clients, including actors from Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, Dean hit in 1999 big when Alanis Morissette used his new Sweet Almond Mint product and absolutely loved it. Chaz Dean had been a fairly popular stylist before, but with the support and positive reviews from Morissette, he became a hot topic of conversation. Everyone wanted to use his Wen products and have him style their hair. The influx of popularity allowed Dean to launch an award-winning infomercial and sell WEN Hair on ebay to a greater mass of people.

The Wen hair brand has no shampoo, which commonly have damaging ingredients like sodium laurel sulfate. Instead there are only cleansing conditioners. Wen products are all natural and follow Chaz Dean’s own approach to a healthy and clean lifestyle. He believes that your body and hair reflect how well you treat it and that the only way to make them look better is to treat them better. Dean believes in teaching everyone that has his products to use them the correct way so they can rejuvenate and maintain the strength and beauty of their hair.


Madison Street Capital Changing The Capital Restructuring Sector In Business

One of the basic reasons why capital restructuring exists in the market is to help firms improve their appeal to potential stakeholders. This services also helps a firm cut down on its operational costs and improve its efficiency in business. Business firms that are bound to take financial restructuring seriously always have the benefit of posting good returns. This is just but a few of the benefits that capital restructuring offers to firms and companies. By going deep into the restructuring sector, you will be able to realize that these services are more beneficial than they seem. A firm can only enjoy the bigger benefits of financial restructuring if it seeks this services from a firm that has a good experience and high professionalism in the sector. Besides this firm has to have had a good track record in its previous dealings. In the current business environment, one firm surely meets these criteria and that is Madison Street Capital.

In the business sector, firms and companies keep growing and improving. These companies and firms like Madison Street Capital growth are influenced by factors such as pressure from competition, demands for the shareholder, decisions by the management and prevailing political situations. All these factors keep recurring and offering new challenges to the business industry.

Thus, firms and companies on are forced to change and restructure their operational, managerial and financial aspects to be able to survive the industry. Madison Street Capital helps firms and companies in the business market undertake expansion, capital sell-offs, proper corporate control, and structural ownership changes. All these capital restructuring techniques are bound to help firms in the market undertake successful capital restructuring.

Madison Street Capital also helps firms and companies proceed with share repurchase and buy-back. This way, these business entities can easily undertake capital restructure in tricky divisions such the ownership structure. This method also helps a company or a firm get rid of excess cash and increase its control in itself. This share repurchases and buys back also helps firms diversify its investments and bring down unfavorable takeover bids. The Madison Street Capital share repurchases and buybacks are one of the surest ways to firms and companies have been able to raise immediate cash returns.

Madison Street Capital has so far made a good legacy in the investment banking industry. This firm is one of the investment banking firms that has been able to offer its clients boutique services successfully. This firm has received lots of market praises for its exceptional client services and unmatched success record.


Igor Cornelsen Insights into the Brazilian Banking Sector and Economy

Igor Cornelsen is a retired investment banker, who is acknowledged for pioneering various investment strategies targeting prudent investing. He is currently plying his trade with the Bahamas based Bainbridge Inv Inc as the company proprietor and financial adviser. Cornelsen spends a lot of his time in South Florida and his native country of Brazil. Last year, the financial world was left wondering how resilient Brazil’s largest banks were. These banks managed to post impressive growth on the back of a depressed economy. Most analysts attribute the dismal performance of the country’s economy on the populist policies of President Dilma Rouseff.

According to PR Newswire, the country’s two leading private banks, Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD) posted a 30 percent rise share price and solid profit margins in 2014. Itau‘s profit rose by 36% while that of Bradesco climbed 28% in the third quarter of the same year. To explain this phenomenon Igor Cornelsen, a seasoned investment banker with good knowledge of the country’s market said that Brazil’s private bankers only lend money to trustworthy borrowers. The worrying part about this development is that people with less desirable credit are left with only two alternatives for investing, either to borrow money from public banks or use their own cash reserves.

Cornelsen further advises the Brazilian government undertake market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity to protect investors. He says the existence of 10 major banks; the appointment of the then new finance minister; the overvalued Real and the strength of the Chinese economy as factors that could easily change the course of the country’s economy. Igor Cornelsen saw the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister in January 2015 as Godsend because the man is a shrewd policymaker, who could turn things in the banking sector. He also points that investors should keenly watch China, because the country is Brazil’s largest trading partner. A strong China is good for Brazil because the country relies heavily on the export of raw materials and minerals.

Lastly, Cornelsen points on igor.wordpress that the Brazilian currency the Real is overvalued, and this has had a detrimental effect on the country’s overall competitiveness. Cornelsen is also a strong supporter of well informed, long-term investment. He strongly advises investors to look at long-term investments that promise great rewards. According to an investment blueprint on, Igor Cornelsen encourages those who want to invest in Brazil to first connect with the natives and prepare to counter the red tapes that lay in the path. Connecting with the natives is crucial because people place a lot of value in relationships and networking. Some of the red tapes that investors can expect in Brazil include high taxes and regulatory complexities.

CCMP Capital – Private Equity Investment Firm

An international investment firm known globally for its expert advice and reputable service is sometimes hard to come by. You can rest assured in knowing that your confidence lies solid with CCMP Capital Advisors. Whether you are looking to invest in the healthcare industry, chemical or energy field, retail therapy or industrial businesses, you will find exactly what you need. The company according to, concentrates on the four different areas to ensure that quality services are delivered to each client. The staff as well as the management team’s exhibit years of experience that has trickled down from other high end investment companies that have either been purchased by another, or just molded and combined together. That is how CCMP Capital Advisors was created. It is a branch off of the J.P. Morgan and Chase LLC that developed and was co-founded by Stephen Murray. The active management teams have made CCMP Capital one of the most high end investment firms in the business, naming them a world class investment partner.

Stephen Murray has contributed many years of success to CCMP Capital when he co-founded it in 2006. One year later he was the president and CEO of the company. The original series of investment firms started with Stephen Murray in 1984 when he trained as an analyst. He was also studying economics at Boston College at the time and graduated with his bachelor’s in 1984. He then went on to get his master’s degree in 1989 in business administration. From there on, he continued to work for many high end investment businesses that were all linked together in some way. He died in March of 2015, but many will remember him for his generous efforts, hard work and dedication to the company. He worked many countless hours to ensure that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital succeeded everyone’s expectations and delivered the utmost quality to clients. Satisfaction among himself as well as clients was high on his list and delivering exceptional methods of carefully practiced business procedures is something he was very good at. He was an active philanthropist and participated in many foundation events and was also an avid supporter of the Boston Food Bank. He took part in becoming a board member for many top companies and remained a member on the board of Boston College. His efforts will be remembered for a long time, and CCMP Capital’s foundation will be successful because of the hard work that Stephen Murray exhibited.

CCMP Capital continues to thrive with success and will continue to do so. The quality of work that is placed before the client is impeccable, and they take great pride in their knowledge of the industry and accountability with each business transaction carried out.