New School Resource Officer Includes Online Reputation Management In Curriculum

Weston, CT recently appointed Officer Joe Mogollon to be their high school and middle school SRO. An SRO, short for school resource officer is like most other police or security officers, but Mongollon’s job also involves a lot more than just sitting around and only chasing after unruly students. Mongollon is going to be getting to know the students personally, and even going so far as to teach some classes regarding personal safety. He used to be an investment advisor, but got tired of simply going to the office and answering the phone all day, so he joined the Weston Police force to help others be safe, and was even a part of the taskforce against online child predators.

The knowledge he has on internet safety is something he plans to use when teaching his classes. He especially is emphasizing online, an area that many young people struggle with when using the internet. Mongollon aims to teach young people that what they say online will stay with them forever, and it’s important to take care not to post information that could harm their chances of going off to a good college, or later getting a good job.

In conjunction with online reputation management, Mongollon intends to help young people protect their personal information and stay safe from hackers and predators. Mongollon wants to be able to find people who might have troubled backgrounds, and if there is any trouble involving law enforcement, he will be the liaison between the school, parents and the police department. When school is out for the year he does his usual police rounds.


New ClassDojo App Keeps Parents and Teachers Connected

TechCrunch recently posted an article about the continuing technologies and services being brought by ClassDojo. The title of that article suggest that ClassDojo intends to make parent-teacher conferences obsolete. Although that is kind of true, the title may be a little misleading. The article,  centers around funds raised for a new communications platform app.
The, “kind of” part is a result of what the app is designed to do, which in a nutshell is to connect parents, teachers and students. With the app through the ClassDojo communications platform, parents can share information such as projects, schedules and virtually anything related to a child’s schooling. This sharing and communication can be daily, weekly or whenever appropriate, keeping everyone involved at all times in the educational process of a child.
Class Dojo, which began in San Francisco, founded in 2011 is already working with 85,000 teachers across the country. They serve public, private and charter schools with one primary directive – to improve education. The design is to do this through providing an easy and quick means to communicate, share and involve parents, empower and encourage children and better enable teachers to do what they do best, teach.
The immediate plans according to the aforementioned article, is for ClassDojo to continue to reach out to schools and teachers to expand the use of ClassDojo. Ideals for future plans are already swirling, such as utilizing the platform as a way for parents to either approve or pay for trips, lunches, supplies or other school related needs and activities.
So when the dust settles, it may actually be more truthful to say that parents and teachers will be “conferencing” all the time than to say parent-teacher conferences will become obsolete. Sure, this might be semantics – but the fact is the better teachers, parents and students can communicate with one another, the better it is for the student. That really is the goal in the end, for everyone.

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Things Done Wrong During The Day

Wengie knows that there are some things that you do in your daily routine that can be made a little easier with a few tips. From eating to taking a shower, these tips can give a little more organization and happiness to your life.

When you hang a shirt or blouse in the closet, you might see small bumps in the fabric from where the hangars sit in the clothing. There is a way to hang your shirts so that you don’t have the impression of the hangar. Fold the shirt in half, and place the hook of the hangar under the armpit. Fold over the body part on one side of the hangar and the arms over the other part. It’s secure and won’t fall off.

Many people rub the wrists together after they apply perfume. This is wrong because it shortens the lifespan of the top notes of the perfume. Spray the perfume on the collarbone, back of the knee, behind the ear or on the bellybutton. When you’re sitting on the toilet and have trouble with a bowel movement, try moving so that the bowels are angled, creating a straighter course from the body. You can do this by squatting or using a footstool while sitting on the toilet. Increasing your water intake also helps.

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Find the best Medicare Advantage Plans with InnovaCare Health

Most people are in search of quality and affordable healthcare but do not know where to start. Getting coverage through Medicare Advantage plans is among the best ways to access affordable and superior healthcare. Medicare Advantage plans are insurance plans that offer coverage for different medical expenses through Medicare. It can be quite confusing finding the right Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare beneficiaries looking for health care coverage are advised to turn to InnovaCare Health. They can simplify the process for you.

InnovaCare Health is among the leading healthcare providers in North America. The Medicare Advantage they provide is considered superior in the continent. Medicare Advantage Plan is a contract between U.S. citizens and the federal government where a preset amount of money is remitted by the government to cater for health insurance plans. Individuals with Medicare can either get their insurance cover from Medicare Advantage Plan or Original Medicare.

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Consider Medicare Advantage if any of the following apply to you

– If you take prescription drugs. Unlike Original Medicare that does not offer drug coverage, most Medicare Advantage plans will cover prescription drugs. However, you can pay more to add Part D coverage to Original Medicare.

– If you need insurance coverage for dental, vision or assisted living facilities. These services are not covered by Original Medicare, but in most Medicare Advantage plans, they are covered.

– If you want to reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses. With Original Medicare, you will be required to continue paying a certain percentage of the cost of services as you use them. But with Medicare Advantage plans, you will be covered once you hit the limit of $6,700 per year (out-of-pocket maximum.)

– You are looking for another option to the 20 percent co-insurance in Original Medicare. Under the Original Medicare, you are required to pay 20 percent co-insurance for a good number of the services you will use. Medicare Advantage, on the other hand, structures its cost in a different manner. You may find that the co-insurance is higher (or lower), or may charge fixed costs for services offered (co-pays.)

InnovaCare Health provides coverage through Medicare. They provide an exclusive coverage that combines government subsidies and help through private facilities. The combination offers patients efficiency from private facilities and the support of federal government through Medicare. InnovaCare, Inc. is currently headed by Dr. Rick Shinto, who is the CEO and president. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience and has served in major healthcare facilities such as NAMM California with the help of Penelope Kokkinides.

Keith Mann is a Dynamic Force in the Alternative Investment Staffing Industry

Keith Mann is a businessman and entrepreneur and has been involved in the executive search industry for more than 15 years. He is considered an expert in the hedge fund industry dealing with staffing and hiring strategy and compensation. He began his career as the Manager of the Alternatives Investment Division at Dynamic Associates. He utilized his experience and rose through the ranks while ascending the ladder of success and became the Vice President of the company.

Mr. Mann is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) and is the Managing Director of the company. Dynamic Search Partners specialize in alternative investments and hedge funds and provide executive search services for major equity companies. The company was established in 2001, and since then DSP has been instrumental in filling more than 2,000 client requests.

Through Mr. Mann’s leadership and guidance, DSP has become one of the most respected executive search firms in the industry, as well maintaining one of the largest data bases of investment executives in the United States. Mann manages the day to day operations developing search and hiring strategies. He develops close relationships with clients and inspires his team to do the same. That philosophy helps to build and maintain confidence between DSP and client.

DSP offers a robust level of service including industry insight, market trends and identifying upticks and down ticks in the industry before they happen and compensating for that condition. The DSP success story includes successful pairing of investment executive talent and clients to form a successful partnership.

DSP and Keith Mann are also passionate about education and established a partnership with Uncommon Schools in New York. The philosophy behind the partnership is for DSP to assist students in learning skills, both practical and tactical, that will help students achieve success not only in college, but throughout their life, as well. DSP finds it incredibly motivating to see the passion students have for success, including achieving success in college. Students are eager to learn how to position themselves for college, internships and future careers. Mann and DSP are looking forward to a continued partnership with the schools and working with the students.

Goldenberg is One of LA’s Top CEOs

Adam Goldenberg has led 3 successful companies during his time in the business world in LA. The success of his most recent business only adds to that claim. JustFab started in just 2010. Now some investment specialists value the company around $1 billion dollars. This is huge growth in such short of time. This is due in large part to its visionary CEO, Adam Goldenberg.

Goldenberg has had a lot of success with his three main businesses; Gamer’s Alliance, Intelligent Beauty, and JustFab. Goldenberg maintains that he is actually not a visionary. He actually uses a very simple process to get results from his companies. Adam Goldenberg uses the information and data he is given effectively and uses great hiring practices.

JustFab is a membership-based VIP clothing and fashion service. The company charges a membership fee to its users. Once you pay this membership fee you have access to special deals on all kinds of different retail fashion goods. The company has developed great relationships with many of the top brands in fashion e-commerce. One of the premier brands that it has a relationship with is Fabletics at Fabletics is a company is a newer apparel company that specializes in activewear for the everyday woman. One of the reasons for Fabletics quick growth is the fact that they were founded and are owned by Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

JustFab doesn’t just sell clothing. They also sell all kinds of fashion accessories. They even sell shoes too. Right now, if you visit the website, you can get two VIP memberships for the price of one.

Goldenberg’s first big success was Gamer’s Alliance. This was a gaming network that the had developed and owned int he 1990s. It was a forward-thinking concept that was very ahead of its time. The company had a lot of growth and success early on. It was later purchased during the tech bubble by Intermix Media.

After that, Goldenberg went on to own an internet brand incubator called Intelligent Beauty. Inteligent Beauty was one of the most successful incubators in Southern California. He owned and controlled this entity until he had the idea for and started JustFab.

He maintains that his staff is a huge reason that JustFab has seen so much success early on He hires people that he thinks will be passionate about the work and take it seriously. He believes that all the things that are gained through experience can be leaned on job, but passion is something that you either have or you don’t.

Sanjay Shah Funds Autism Research

Autism is a development disorder that affects not only an individual communicates, but also affects how an individual who has been diagnosed with the disorder communicates with other individuals within a social setting. Autism, though a commonly diagnosed development disorder is a disorder that is not continuously researched. Though one in 68 children are diagnosed with the disorder, it is not known how the disorder affects the brain and how the brain processes any information. As boys have a four times greater chance to be diagnosed with autism, there is one father in particular who has become passionate about educating the public more about the disorder and is passionate about funding the research of the disorder.

This individual is Sanjay Shah Denmark and is the father of a son who was diagnosed with the development disorder in 2011. Ever since 2011, Mr. Shah has been dedicated to furthering the research of the disorder. As a father and as a husband, every decision that he has made during his career path has been made to benefit to well being of his family. As an investment expertise, Mr. Shah is also a dedicated investment consultant who founded Solo Capital, and investment firm that offers some of the most innovative solutions to medium and small-sized companies. Based in London, this investment firm offers unique and perfectly tailored solutions to each client of the firm.

As a father of an autistic child, Mr. Shah has created a new foundation that is motivated to further the research of this disorder that has gone on long enough with the lack of information that has been provided to the public. With the furthering of the research of the disorder, Mr. Shah not only wants to benefit his family’s relationship, but also wants to benefit the relationship of other families all over the world. Mr. Shah, in 2014, started Autism Rocks, a foundation that encourages donations to find answers.

Autism Rocks is a foundation that is based in London and demonstrates the passion that the Shah family has for music. This foundation hosts several events in the year that showcase some of the world’s most widely known celebrities who all encourage donations to be made to this great cause. Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Tyga, Prince, and Drake have all performed for this foundation and have encouraged donations to be made to support this worthy and necessary cause.


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The Business and Humanitarian Work of Nizan Guanes

Brief Background

According to the words of business professional Nizan Guanes, “The best business measure is the management of one ‘s personal life.” These words came from his book On Managing Yourself. It emphasizes tips on management and becoming a leader. Guanes succeeded as a prominent figure in society despite the history of bad health within his family.

He was born in Salvador, Bahia during 1958, where he also attended school. He worked as a copywriter after receiving his business degree in business administration from the Universidad Federal da Bahia. He also did more work and traveled across different countries. This includes working at the Artplan business in Rio de Jeneiro and traveling to Sai Paulo.

Guanes is mainly recognized as the founder of ABC capital, a company that have 18 sectors. These individual businesses focuses on advertising and marketing. The company is in Latin America.

There are several non-profit organizations that he’s associated with, including Clinton Global initiative. This organization offers leadership skills to individuals. He’s also apart of the Women in the World Organization. They promote feminism by providing better learning opportunities for females. These opportunities take place in the workforce and society.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: Back and Better Than Ever


I don’t know about you, but I love a good redemption story. I’m a big believer in second chances and people getting a chance to right a wrong. No one is perfect and mistakes are going to happen. However, when they start to pile up to a high degree and they become out of control, it is a serious issue and a serious problem. That is what happened with Goettl Air Conditioning. In 2012, they were making $11 million, but there was a lot of turmoil and dysfunction within the company. Whenever you have employees that don’t believe in the company or have given up on the company, you are in bad, bad shape. It can be hard to recover from that.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

However, it takes a certain kind of person to create that redemption story and make things whole again. It takes a person with a never say die attitude and a person that is committed to seeing things through all the way until the end. They know it might be a rocky start and they might have to fix the mistakes of the previous owners, but guess what? They are up for the challenge, and they are going to take it, head on, and without any doubt and without any hesitation, whatsoever.

That is exactly what Ken Goodrich did when he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. He started from the bottom, hired new employees, and got things running the way they should again. He had a lot of long nights, long hours, and a lot to do. However, here we are, 18 months later, and the company has made $20 million dollars. That is almost double what they made 18 months ago. That is what makes it all worthwhile for Ken Goodrich and his staff when they see results like that. It reminds him of why he bought the company in the first place and that his vision did indeed come true.

Now, business is booming and it is better than ever. Nothing can stop them or get in their way as they have the right people on board with the right vision, the right attitude, and the right way to approach things. The company is seen in a whole new light and people love doing business with them. They have come to rely on them for all of their air conditioning needs. They have earned their trust again and intend on keeping it.

Malini the Kind and Philanthropist Investor

A generous person is an individual who is caring, one who has the love for humanity, honest and a helper to people. Very few caring people have such attributes in the society. Philanthropic people care more about the quality of life of each human kind. A philanthropist is more than a donor. That act of having a human heart is entirely different from charity. It is because a philanthropist does not only focus on what he or she is donating to people but they do also value the welfare of the needy.

Malini Saba, the great investor and founder of Saban is a philanthropist. She is the chairperson of Shaban and a great world investor in real estate, oil, gas and many technology companies in the United States. Malini regularly gives back to the society through donations. She is from South Asia. Malini donated $1 million which was used to start the Heart Research Center, which was the first in the world. The opening of the center took place at the El Camino Hospital. In 2004, she pledged $10 million when she visited the victims who were affected by the great Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka.

Malini’s career as an investor began as a capitalist at Silicon Valley venture in the 1990s. Her rise to the business world is a great inspiration to many people globally. In 2001, Malini started Global Investments in Women known as Stree. Stree is a worldwide investment program aimed at helping vulnerable children, needy women and also enlightens the society. Jordan’s Queen Noor and the former US President Bill Clinton founded the Stree. The program provides safe means for women to access quality and affordable health care services. Stree is also a provider of legal empowerment and important grass root forums in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa and Central America.

The attributes in Malini are likable because she has played a huge role in changing the lives of thousands in the world. Malini has lived as a role model and also a hard working entrepreneur. Her philanthropic works portray a positive picture of the transformation she wants the world to have by helping the poor. It is important for people to emulate the works of Malini and make the world a better place to be. She is a successful investor worth millions of dollars but she continues to work hard. Malini Saba hates discrimination of the disadvantaged in the society.