Adam Sender’s Outstanding Art Collection

Art collectors are a unique breed of art lovers. They don’t just have one piece of art but have tens of them; some even have hundreds. Art collection involves an individual investing his time in visiting several exhibitions to identify and acquire masterpieces. One also has to identify outstanding artists as these professionals produce pieces of art that are admired by many. It is every collector’s dream to have the most admired collection.

Artworks are not cheap. With some pieces going for millions of dollars, collectors are generally wealthy people. The high price is the major reason where many people only have one or two pieces of art. However, quality artwork is an investment. When more people continue to seek after a given work or works by certain artists, the value of those artworks will rise. Many collectors have managed to make millions of dollars in profits by selling just a fraction of their art collection.

Adams Sender is an example of a renowned American art collector. Although sender is only 45 years old, he has managed to collect such as huge number of artworks that make other art lovers drool. It is estimated that he has collected over 400 artworks from at least 139 artists. His collection consists of artworks only from renowned artists. Sender is actually planning to hold an exhibition only showcasing his collections. Very few people have managed to achieve that. The exhibition will be held in May next year.

Sender refers to himself as a pursuer of masterpieces from well established artists. He started art collection in mid 1990s. The secret behind his ability to afford artworks at a very young age was his success as a hedge fund manager. His passion for art has also enabled him to go around the world searching for outstanding artworks.

Adam Sender’s collection has works from top artists such as Dan Flavin, Keith Haring, and Martin Kippenberger. The arts from these three artists are sought after worldwide. He also has works from Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman. Outstanding new artists such as Rashid Johnson, Lucien Smith, and Adam McEwen also have their artworks in his collection. Most of Sender’s 400 artworks are classified under conceptual art, minimalism art, and appropriation art. Sender loans his works frequently to museums during exhibitions. He is currently working on a plan to donate some great artworks to public art institutions.

Adams sender is a truly outstanding art collector. Aspiring collectors draws lots of inspirations from his amazing collection. Sender’s passion and ability to pick up quality works from a sea of arts is also something many aspiring collectors admire.

Next Level Lacrosse Camps Are Open for 2016 Registration

If you have “sporty” kids at home and live in an area where Lacrosse is a popular sport you may be looking to send your kids to a lacrosse camp. Sports Camps are relatively new and are geared towards either training in one sport or in a variety of sports. Sports camps usually bring in various coaches from either the college or professional levels to teach kids the fundamentals and depending on their skill level a bit more about the game and how it should be played.

A google search can yield various results for Lacrosse camps in your area. While the game is more popular on the East Coast it is catching on more throughout the country. Some local Universities and Colleges offer Lacrosse Camps for kids as well. Not all of the camps are overnight camps but some offer that option.

When looking for a lacrosse camp you should look at the price, level of coaching offered, whether or not your child’s skill level is covered and of course the location. You wouldn’t want to send your child to a camp for advanced players if he/she is just starting out, you also wouldn’t want to send a child who has been playing the game for years to a camp for beginners.

One great camp in the Vail, CO area is Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Next Level Lacrosse Camp was founded and is run by Jon Urbana,a former College Lacrosse player who played for Villanova University in Pennsylvania and was the Colonial Athletic Association Defensive Player of the Year in 2004.

Jon is joined by a host of coaches which includes Sergio Perkovic, an NCAA All-American with Notre Dame University, Tyler German the former Captain of the University of Virginia’s Lacrosse team and Ryan Tucker an NCAA All-American from the University of Virginia. Tucker was also a finalist for the Tewaarton Award, an award given annually for the greatest Collegiate Lacrosse player in the country.

Urbana has surrounded himself with great coaches at his camp and continues to provide a great presence on Twitter @jonurbana1 for kids to learn and excel at the sport. Jon was a 2 time NCAA All-American at Villanova and was a member of the Denver Outlaws, a professional lacrosse team. Jon was born near Denver, Colorado and is very involved in the community and in various philanthropic pursuits, like Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc to help promote green living through a GoFundMe online campaign.

More details on the fundraiser can be found on his Facebook timeline, as well as, his own website. And for those who really appreciate some detail, this essay shared by Urbana goes into more reasons you’ll want to get involved.

It pays to look into the camp you are choosing for your child as some go far to ensure the best coaches that work well with kids are available and that the facilities are top notch. Your child will benefit greatly from a Sports Camp that centers on the sport or sports that they love.

Enjoy these photos of the camp in action, courtesy of Jon’s page.


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The Best Lawyer Fro You

Now that you’ve decided to get a lawyer, the next step is selecting a specific attorney who can represent you effectively. While there are a huge number of lawyers and law firms to choose from in Brazil, having the right attorney can make the difference between obtaining a favorable outcome or an unsuccessful outcome in your case. Having a competent lawyer will give you the peace of mind of being represented by an attorney you trust.

To have the best chance of getting the settlement or resolution you are looking for, you need a lawyer whom the other side knows, is able and ready to handle the matter effectively. An attorney who doesn’t go to trial will certainly frequently fold up on the courthouse steps. Rival legal adviser usually has a smart idea whether your attorney goes to trial and wins cases. Having a powerful lawyer on your side, a lawyer whom the other side knows may perform extremely well, could raise the compensation or settlement value of your lawsuit substantially.

More often than not, lawyers who respect the ability and expertise of the other reach fair settlements. An attorney who goes to trial and obtains a good resolution or verdict could walk all over an attorney who is not well versed in negotiating a settlement. In your search for a lawyer, it is important to research properly and find someone who has settled many claims with non-trial lawyers very favorably for their clients.

Once you have identified several lawyers who might be suitable for your needs, you will need to set up a consultation to discuss the issue.

Legal matters that reach litigation can be complex and time consuming. You need a litigator with the expertise and knowledge to fight for your best interests and protect your rights. That’s where Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes in, to get you the best possible outcome in your case. Ricardo Tosto provides litigation services in Brazil and is available to review your legal matter with you.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a lot of experience in business and corporate matters. He has been in practice for more than 22 years and is well respected by his peers. Mr Ricardo Tosto is a seasoned litigator with very successful law firm. His practice is national and he has represented a large number of clients varying from small business owners to large coporationss.

Eric Pulier-The Hidden Genius behind Silicon Valley

Eric Pulier is known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs that ever walked the streets of Silicon Valley. He has founded or cofounded several, globally recognized and critically acclaimed companies including ServiceMesh, US interactive amongst others. He is known around Silicon Valley as a prolific startup investor, and also has a reputation of working with top, world-class venture capital firms such as Monitor Ventures and Trading Capital.

As we speak, it is suspected that he is working on a new technology that will completely improve the way that we live our lives, in the same spirit that he has built his other multimillion and/or multibillion dollar companies.

Pulier graduated from Harvard University as a magna cum laude student in the late 80s. While he attended Harvard University, he shaped himself into a prolific student of American and English literature. He also wrote a popular weekly column for the Harvard Crimson that challenged the status quo and pushed his fellow students to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd by being brilliant thinkers, just as he’d become.

It was at Harvard University that Eric Pulier realized that it is not enough to be different, because different is something that anyone can blindly embrace, yet to be someone who is different and special is a rare set of attributes that will eventually lead you to success of magnificent proportions. Not only was Pulier someone who possessed this very rare and important set of traits, he is someone who noticed this optimal set of traits in the owners of a variety of startup companies he eventually angel invested in. Eric Pulier invested heavily in companies whose founders possessed this rare set of traits and by bringing these companies under his wing and grooming them for success, a lot of them have moved on to become multi-billion-dollar enterprises. This is something that Eric Pulier a has done over 50 times in business and has worked out for him tremendously well, as each one of the 16 businesses that he founded with his own blood, sweat, tears and money saw successful multimillion or multibillion dollar exits and three quarters of the startup companies that he angel invested in succeeded with either multimillion or multibillion dollar exits.

Eric Pulier is famous for his multimillion dollar donations to the XPRIZE Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that helps impoverished kids in Third World countries reach the ability to rise above poverty with the noble secondary goal of eliminating poverty altogether. In conjunction with the XPRIZE Foundation, Pulier developed a water filtering system that allows people from African villages to measure exactly how clean their water is as well as helping them to filter their water, essentially reducing the amount of famine and disease that commonly runs rampant in the most impoverished of Third World countries.

The X prize foundation is home to Silicon Valley’s most distinguished multibillionaire’s including Arianne Huffington, the founder and creator of the Huffington Post and Elon Musk, the founder and lead developer of Tesla motors.

Brian Bonar’s Advocation Of Professional Employer Organizations

Dr. Brian Bonar is a business startup guru, consultant, technological innovator and developer, and has brought new ideas and concepts to the business world that have revolutionized the way many small businesses have operated. He’s originally from the UK, having got his undergrad at Strathclyde University and his master’s and PhD at Staffordshire University. He moved to the United States where he’s served in executive roles for many companies including American Management Services LLC, Bezier Systems Inc, Adaptec, and has been a board member of organizations like Alliance National Insurance and the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Diego. Probably what Bonar has been most known for being both an advocate of and using for a business model are professional employer organizations (PEO).

PEOs could entail a wide variety of tasks, or a small task but probably what they are best described as is being a firm that takes over the responsibility of various administration needs for a client company that that company pays for. In essence how it works is a company enters into a partnership with the PEO, the PEO becomes the “employer of record” that gets listed on the employees’ tax return forms and has the employer ID number to be used for legal documents like tax forms. The client company still decides how their business operates and how employee activities are managed. PEOs are meant to help smaller businesses that can’t directly hire their own accounting and human resource management departments, to save time and money by providing it for them, and Brian Bonar has founded some firms that specialize in this.

TRUCEPT INC, a company he founded and is CEO of is a PEO that services human resources, accounting and payroll, workers compensation, and helps the client company comply with financial laws. Using Smart-Tek, an automated employee tracking system that logs the hours worked and other information about their activities, TRUCEPT is able to record the information needed to manage the payroll and tax obligations. TRUCEPT’s staff can also recruit and conduct initial interviews for potential employees, thereby giving the client company less legwork that they have to do. The final say on who is hired and terminated usually rests on the client company, though the contract they enter with TRUCEPT could give both PEO and client company a say in that.

Another company Bonar runs is Imaging Technologies. This company sells or leases out office equipment to clients for less cost than they would usually get from a major retailer or distributor and also offers advanced support to clients. They also have image design and management software that comes with their product suite.

Beneful Makes Dog Park Dreams Come True

As recently reported by PR Newswire, leading dog food company, Beneful is celebrating the fifth year of their Dream Dog Park program. In June 2015, Beneful began supporting crowdfunding campaigns by Purina while working with community leaders to bring dogs and their owners new and remodeled parks all across the nation. With financial support and volunteer help, Beneful’s Dream Dog Park contest has enhanced the lives of dogs and their owners by bringing them fun, safe areas where they can play. Each park includes Beneful’s signature Doxie Tunnel, along with over-sized food ingredient obstacles and a tennis ball launching tree. Splash pads are also incorporated into these parks for dogs to cool off during the hot summer months. The Beneful team continues to search for new candidates across the county to collaborate with and make Dream Dog Parks a reality for their communities. Each park selected by Beneful on WalMart will receive funding on a needs basis, as well as receive safety knowledge provided by experts. Beneful has recently begun work on the Lucas Park Dog Park located in St. Louis, MO. In an effort to diagnose the park’s needs, Beneful team members issued the help of their own four-legged friends. Park renovations will include dog-friendly turf, a newly installed Doxie Tunnel, and other additional improvements for local dogs and their owners to enjoy.

Dating in Russia Has Gone High Tech

AnastasiaDate is an international dating site that matches people from all over the world. Elena and David Besuden are an American-Russian couple who were brought together by an introduction service. After a short dating period, the couple decided to marry. One year after they were wed, the couple decided to create their own dating service called Anastasia Date. The original purpose of this dating service was to introduce American men to Russian women by sending catalogs to members. By January 1997,the Besudens decided to take advantage of the internet and launch their own website. The website served Russian couples through out Russian and the Ukraine. In six years, Anastasia, named for Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, who stood as role model for Russian women. In 2003, interest in the Anastasia dating site spread to the Asian continent. By 2007, Anastasia, they were connecting Western cultured men with women from their choice of AmoLatina, AsianBeauties, and AfricaBeauties. By 2013, Anastasia had released a mobile app.
Anastasia Date operates on three different and exciting levels that enhance real time dating. The first level is chat that’s similar to the message area in Facebook when friends can text each other privately. The second level is when participants can communicate through video and audio. The third level is called CamShare lets couples see each other in high definition and become more intimate about their communication.
The idea of courtship goes back to the Elizabethan era when wooed by knights who wanted win over the lovely maiden. He made many visits to her and lavished many gifts upon her. Mail-order brides date back to the 19th century. Women from the Eastern culture would advertise themselves in a catalog to be selected as a bride for a Western cultured man. It was a trend for women to become upwardly mobile by meeting and marrying a man from a more advanced culture. At the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century, dating services and internet dating services popped up to help people connect and find love. One modern day mail-order bride online service is called Rose Bride,and it not only offers American men to find Russian women, it also offers Western culture men to see profiles of Eastern culture women, Asian women, and women from Latin America. This dating site believes men should take their time to get to know the prospective wife.

Shaygan Khedapir: A Technology and Business Executive

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology and business executive who the current CEO of the Coriant firm. He holds a Doctorate and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cornell. Shaygan has brought a significant contribution to the deployment of FiOS at Pingit mobile and Verizon system. He also produced a dramatic transformation program in Barclays Bank and while the Chief executive offices of Jupiter Networks, he brought an integrated operating plan known as the (IOP).

Sheygan commenced his career by working with GTE incorporation that later on merged with the Bell Atlantic to form the Verizon in 2000. Sheygan worked as the CIO/CTO at the Verizon Company for eleven years. During this time, Sheygan led a team of 7000 employees that gave support to the IT systems and developed new products that include lobi and Verizon One. Sheygan has also reduced the firm’s technology spending by thirty percent through outsourcing from India, negotiation with vendors and through the overall improvement of the utilization of the It assets. Sheygan was the Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Barclays Bank from the year 2011 – 2013. This was before he held the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks in January 2014 to November in the same year.

Sheygan was born in London, but he spent his entire childhood and part of his ten age in Iran. He attended his high school in the college of Aiglon in Switzerland. Sheboygan’s father was a nose, ear and throat doctor. He moved later to the USA to attend his University Education. He received a bachelor’s degree followed by masters and a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cornell. He first worked with GTE Labs where he was the network routing manager and controller. He eventually became the CEO of the company, and that earned him great respect following the new products that were on schedule.

GTE combined with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications in 2011. Sheygan was the initial president of the E-commerce division. That was before he became the CIO/CTO of the Company. At Verizon, Sheygan contributed to the diversification of the company into broader ranges of telecommunication services and automation operations. Sheygan formed small teams that became responsible for the development and coming up with new product ideas. He later implemented a 30-day prototype cycle to test and modify the new technologies in development. His team ventured in working late hours to get the job done. This company grew in demand according to Forbes as they had a rapid pace to deliver their products. Much was achieved during his tenure in terms of cost reduction for the enterprise.

Sheygan joined Barclays in 2011as the Chief Operating Officer of the Business & Global Retail Bank. His contribution to the bank in terms of the development of customer products like Pingit, a mobile payment software. He got a promotion as the Technology and operation Chief officer. At the beginning of 2015, he joined the Coriant management squad. He became the firm’s CEO in September 2015 after taking over from Pat DiPietro.

Frans Schoeman – Attorney for Business and Commercial Law

Business and commercial law deal with many common issues. So, if an attorney practices one of these areas, he/she will most likely possess expertise in the other area as well. Commercial law is focused on the sale of goods and their distribution and financing of certain transactions. On the other hand, business law is focused on some slightly different aspects that include launching and establishing companies, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), shareholders’ rights and some issues concerned with property such as leasing of warehouse spaces and offices. A business that sells and distributes products will certainly need an attorney who has had experience in both of these fields. A South African attorney named Frans Schoeman is someone who has spent 20 years specializing and is considered an expert in these two areas of law.

About Frans Schoeman

As previously mentioned, his areas of expertise are commercial and business law. Since he graduated from the Free State University/Universiteit van die Vrystaat in 1990, he has practiced law for more than twenty years now, mainly through his work at Joubert Schoeman law firm. Since the foundation of this firm, Mr. Schoeman has been a senior partner. While he was studying at the Free State University, Mr. Schoeman was known for being a Student Legal Society’s active member. His time spent here gave him treasured experience and leadership skills that assisted him in his early career.

Besides working at Joubert Schoeman, he has previously worked with Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc firm. He was given the job to oversee different fields of civil and corporate litigation. Now, while working at Joubert Schoeman, Mr. Schoeman constantly has to use his considerable expertise in a substantial number of different cases of legal practice. The areas range from estate law to even criminal forensics, mineral and environmental law rights, which plays a huge part in his career, and commercial law among many others. His efforts have recently been focused on commercial and business law working as a legal director at TG Mintster Consulting, where he oversees numerous tasks that range from M&A to contracts, procurement and general legal matters counseling.

However, the most ambitious part of Frans Schoeman’s working career on is perhaps Phatsima Diamond, a diamond mining concession operating in Angola and South Africa under his exclusive directions. Mr. Schoeman has been overseeing all legal operations as well as the typical daily ones of this trans-national firm since 2006, using his considerable expertise to guide the company. He takes care of everything including staffing and payroll to mineral rights concessions management, labor law, and governmental and other authorities’ contracts. Entering their new decade of growth and industry excellence, Phatsima Diamond’s chances of further success look promising as long as they are under the leadership of Mr. Schoeman. The success they have is a worthy acknowledgement of Mr. Schoeman’s vision, cleverness, and experience.

Besides his memorable business ventures, Frans Schoeman has been community-engaged to a great extent, and performs pro-bono as senior partner of Joubert Schoeman. He is passionate about some of the biggest issues that impact our society today. Those include children’s issues, education, human rights, culture and arts, science and technology and, of course, the environment.

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Igor Cornelsen Has Some Great Advice To Offer And Guidelines To Follow

When one man knows a lot about a certain subject he is someone who everyone should be considering when they want to know more about that subject. Igor Cornelsen knows a lot about the stock market, and he should be considered by all who want to invest in it. Those who want to see success for themselves through their investments should take every bit of advice that Igor Cornelsen has given through the years to heart. They should make sure to listen to him and to follow the guidelines that he lays out for them.

One thing that Igor Cornelsen has been very adamant about is that those who are investing need to make sure to put their money into more than one company on Investing in only one company can mean that one will lose out on all of their money at once. That should never be allowed the chance to happen, and that is why everyone should be investing into more than one company at once. Another thing that Igor Cornelsen states as being very important is for the companies that one wants to invest in to be ones that are going to stick around for a long time. He says that a great way for one to know that they will be around is if they are producing products that everyone is in need of. A food company, for example, will be much more likely to stick around for years than a company that is selling trendy items.

So, when someone wants to learn more about the stock market it is best that they get advice from someone who knows a lot about it. It is best that they look to someone like Igor Cornelsen and use the guidelines that they have laid out when they are making their investments.