Goldenberg is One of LA’s Top CEOs

Adam Goldenberg has led 3 successful companies during his time in the business world in LA. The success of his most recent business only adds to that claim. JustFab started in just 2010. Now some investment specialists value the company around $1 billion dollars. This is huge growth in such short of time. This is due in large part to its visionary CEO, Adam Goldenberg.

Goldenberg has had a lot of success with his three main businesses; Gamer’s Alliance, Intelligent Beauty, and JustFab. Goldenberg maintains that he is actually not a visionary. He actually uses a very simple process to get results from his companies. Adam Goldenberg uses the information and data he is given effectively and uses great hiring practices.

JustFab is a membership-based VIP clothing and fashion service. The company charges a membership fee to its users. Once you pay this membership fee you have access to special deals on all kinds of different retail fashion goods. The company has developed great relationships with many of the top brands in fashion e-commerce. One of the premier brands that it has a relationship with is Fabletics at Fabletics is a company is a newer apparel company that specializes in activewear for the everyday woman. One of the reasons for Fabletics quick growth is the fact that they were founded and are owned by Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

JustFab doesn’t just sell clothing. They also sell all kinds of fashion accessories. They even sell shoes too. Right now, if you visit the website, you can get two VIP memberships for the price of one.

Goldenberg’s first big success was Gamer’s Alliance. This was a gaming network that the had developed and owned int he 1990s. It was a forward-thinking concept that was very ahead of its time. The company had a lot of growth and success early on. It was later purchased during the tech bubble by Intermix Media.

After that, Goldenberg went on to own an internet brand incubator called Intelligent Beauty. Inteligent Beauty was one of the most successful incubators in Southern California. He owned and controlled this entity until he had the idea for and started JustFab.

He maintains that his staff is a huge reason that JustFab has seen so much success early on He hires people that he thinks will be passionate about the work and take it seriously. He believes that all the things that are gained through experience can be leaned on job, but passion is something that you either have or you don’t.

Sanjay Shah Funds Autism Research

Autism is a development disorder that affects not only an individual communicates, but also affects how an individual who has been diagnosed with the disorder communicates with other individuals within a social setting. Autism, though a commonly diagnosed development disorder is a disorder that is not continuously researched. Though one in 68 children are diagnosed with the disorder, it is not known how the disorder affects the brain and how the brain processes any information. As boys have a four times greater chance to be diagnosed with autism, there is one father in particular who has become passionate about educating the public more about the disorder and is passionate about funding the research of the disorder.

This individual is Sanjay Shah Denmark and is the father of a son who was diagnosed with the development disorder in 2011. Ever since 2011, Mr. Shah has been dedicated to furthering the research of the disorder. As a father and as a husband, every decision that he has made during his career path has been made to benefit to well being of his family. As an investment expertise, Mr. Shah is also a dedicated investment consultant who founded Solo Capital, and investment firm that offers some of the most innovative solutions to medium and small-sized companies. Based in London, this investment firm offers unique and perfectly tailored solutions to each client of the firm.

As a father of an autistic child, Mr. Shah has created a new foundation that is motivated to further the research of this disorder that has gone on long enough with the lack of information that has been provided to the public. With the furthering of the research of the disorder, Mr. Shah not only wants to benefit his family’s relationship, but also wants to benefit the relationship of other families all over the world. Mr. Shah, in 2014, started Autism Rocks, a foundation that encourages donations to find answers.

Autism Rocks is a foundation that is based in London and demonstrates the passion that the Shah family has for music. This foundation hosts several events in the year that showcase some of the world’s most widely known celebrities who all encourage donations to be made to this great cause. Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, Tyga, Prince, and Drake have all performed for this foundation and have encouraged donations to be made to support this worthy and necessary cause.


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The Business and Humanitarian Work of Nizan Guanes

Brief Background

According to the words of business professional Nizan Guanes, “The best business measure is the management of one ‘s personal life.” These words came from his book On Managing Yourself. It emphasizes tips on management and becoming a leader. Guanes succeeded as a prominent figure in society despite the history of bad health within his family.

He was born in Salvador, Bahia during 1958, where he also attended school. He worked as a copywriter after receiving his business degree in business administration from the Universidad Federal da Bahia. He also did more work and traveled across different countries. This includes working at the Artplan business in Rio de Jeneiro and traveling to Sai Paulo.

Guanes is mainly recognized as the founder of ABC capital, a company that have 18 sectors. These individual businesses focuses on advertising and marketing. The company is in Latin America.

There are several non-profit organizations that he’s associated with, including Clinton Global initiative. This organization offers leadership skills to individuals. He’s also apart of the Women in the World Organization. They promote feminism by providing better learning opportunities for females. These opportunities take place in the workforce and society.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: Back and Better Than Ever


I don’t know about you, but I love a good redemption story. I’m a big believer in second chances and people getting a chance to right a wrong. No one is perfect and mistakes are going to happen. However, when they start to pile up to a high degree and they become out of control, it is a serious issue and a serious problem. That is what happened with Goettl Air Conditioning. In 2012, they were making $11 million, but there was a lot of turmoil and dysfunction within the company. Whenever you have employees that don’t believe in the company or have given up on the company, you are in bad, bad shape. It can be hard to recover from that.

Goettl Building off Rock-solid Foundation

However, it takes a certain kind of person to create that redemption story and make things whole again. It takes a person with a never say die attitude and a person that is committed to seeing things through all the way until the end. They know it might be a rocky start and they might have to fix the mistakes of the previous owners, but guess what? They are up for the challenge, and they are going to take it, head on, and without any doubt and without any hesitation, whatsoever.

That is exactly what Ken Goodrich did when he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. He started from the bottom, hired new employees, and got things running the way they should again. He had a lot of long nights, long hours, and a lot to do. However, here we are, 18 months later, and the company has made $20 million dollars. That is almost double what they made 18 months ago. That is what makes it all worthwhile for Ken Goodrich and his staff when they see results like that. It reminds him of why he bought the company in the first place and that his vision did indeed come true.

Now, business is booming and it is better than ever. Nothing can stop them or get in their way as they have the right people on board with the right vision, the right attitude, and the right way to approach things. The company is seen in a whole new light and people love doing business with them. They have come to rely on them for all of their air conditioning needs. They have earned their trust again and intend on keeping it.

Malini the Kind and Philanthropist Investor

A generous person is an individual who is caring, one who has the love for humanity, honest and a helper to people. Very few caring people have such attributes in the society. Philanthropic people care more about the quality of life of each human kind. A philanthropist is more than a donor. That act of having a human heart is entirely different from charity. It is because a philanthropist does not only focus on what he or she is donating to people but they do also value the welfare of the needy.

Malini Saba, the great investor and founder of Saban is a philanthropist. She is the chairperson of Shaban and a great world investor in real estate, oil, gas and many technology companies in the United States. Malini regularly gives back to the society through donations. She is from South Asia. Malini donated $1 million which was used to start the Heart Research Center, which was the first in the world. The opening of the center took place at the El Camino Hospital. In 2004, she pledged $10 million when she visited the victims who were affected by the great Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka.

Malini’s career as an investor began as a capitalist at Silicon Valley venture in the 1990s. Her rise to the business world is a great inspiration to many people globally. In 2001, Malini started Global Investments in Women known as Stree. Stree is a worldwide investment program aimed at helping vulnerable children, needy women and also enlightens the society. Jordan’s Queen Noor and the former US President Bill Clinton founded the Stree. The program provides safe means for women to access quality and affordable health care services. Stree is also a provider of legal empowerment and important grass root forums in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa and Central America.

The attributes in Malini are likable because she has played a huge role in changing the lives of thousands in the world. Malini has lived as a role model and also a hard working entrepreneur. Her philanthropic works portray a positive picture of the transformation she wants the world to have by helping the poor. It is important for people to emulate the works of Malini and make the world a better place to be. She is a successful investor worth millions of dollars but she continues to work hard. Malini Saba hates discrimination of the disadvantaged in the society.

Nutrimost takes Healthy Living to court over video

Healthy Living found themselves in federal court recently. The are there because they are accused of stealing a promotional video highlighting a weight loss system from Nutrimost. The stolen video was placed on the Healthy Living website, can’, and used for their own promotional purposes.

The video played on Healthy Living’s website is the same as the original from Nutrimost, except all references to Nutrimost were removed and replaced with “Can’t Lose Diet”, from rival Healthy Living. Customer testimonials remained, as well as those from the principal of the weight loss system, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

On both videos, claims were identical. Both videos claimed that a person could lose 25-45 pounds of weight within the first 40 days of being on the system. Each video also stated that a person would never have to exercise, or ever feel hungry. They both also state that there are no pre-packaged meals or use of harmful drugs or hormones.

Healthy Living continued to play the video for a short time even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the court. The video has not been seen on the Healthy Living website for some time.

Nutrimost is seeking at least $300,000 in damages from Healthy Living. They also have asked the court to bar Healthy Living from ever showing the video again. The damages are for loss of Nutrimost’s “reputation and good will”.

It is very common for Nutrimost customers to lose 40 pounds of weight in the first 40 days of being on the diet. In addition to the weight loss, doctors teach their patients how to keep the weight off.

Patients are taught how to “lock-in” their weight and stay within two pounds of it. While on the program, patients will never feel hungry and will never have to exercise.

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Find the Right Trampoline for your Family with Laidlaw and Compant

Finding the right trampoline for your family is the right way to enjoy a weekend after a long week at work. To avoid having unnecessary accidents don’t call Laidlaw and Company. If you live in Australia, always choose trampolines that can withstand even the harsh weather conditions such as those that are rustproof because they do not rust and can live for long. Also, choose those that are SUV resistant something that means that they cannot be damaged by intense sun rays even if they are left outdoor for an extended period, says Matthew Eitner. In addition to the above, a right trampoline for your family is the one that has ground anchors for use during the stormy weather conditions as you can collapse it to protect it from being damaged and keep your family safe too.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

There are several kinds of trampolines with the most reliable ones using composite rods which are very flexible and are located underneath the jumping surface so as to produce a bounce while you jump hence preventing you from any contact with the trampoline. A safe trampoline should have a frame that is built beneath the surface thus hiding it so that you cannot get injured as you jump. Trampolines with frames that are exposed are not safe or suitable for your family since one may land on the frame and get injured. To find the right trampoline for your family, consider looking the ones that are top industry-leading safety trampolines have a backup of industry awards like the International Design Award and The Family Choice Award.

A good trampoline choice should always be from the best company(not with James Ahern at Laidlaw), be the one that utilizes mats with soft edges, and is 30 times shock absorbent than the traditional ones, as it is likely to have a long lifespan. Choosing a spring-based may be good because this kind of trampoline uses a rigid steel pole on its net enclosures so as to provide support to a jumper and avoid colliding with the steel pole to get injured.

Industry-leading safety trampoline companies usually have their trampolines built in one facility, meaning they do not delegate any part of their construction to another company and therefore ensuring they have trampolines made from quality materials, which are safe and the best. Also, they have their trampolines tested carefully for quality assurance and against cruel weather conditions.

Apart from the above, find trampolines that best fit the age of the users in your family. There are trampolines suitable for the age of young ones and are designed to have bigger bounces and higher from the ground to help them in building their confidence and eliminating the fears which in some cases might hinder them from enjoying outdoor activities like this one.

Fabletics Elle

Kate Hudson had a trip down the memory lane of her Fabletics in an interview with Elle Magazine. As expected, it turned out rewarding with loads of interesting facts for any fitness conscious person.

Fitness buff! She admitted to be one. For her, the greatest trigger of creativity is helping women attain great heights through the website. She believes in talking quality and providing quality sport apparels with Fabletics: an athletic wear you can put on and be mistaken for a professional even when you are not. Her best pick for anyone is a legging for workout and some boots for a stroll all top quality and under $100 in cost.

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Pilates! She had only good words for him: great trainer and missed by everyone. She counted herself lucky for having such an instructor. In her words, “I am like most women out there where I can’t motivate myself.” However, she acknowledge the fact that a lot has to do with the individual’s state of mind; there are times you are in the right mood and don’t need a push to get started.

Haphazard! That isn’t the word for Hudson’s fitness and eating routine over the years. She spoke of her mom being a dancer, her dad being a baseball player and a dancer, her brother being a hockey player, and she being a soccer player and a dancer. Obviously, she was raised by people actively interested in athletics, so she knows most of the “dos-and-don’ts” of her profession since childhood. See:

Glee! You remember that great show and some of the great moves of Hudson on stage. She admitted they were actually special moments especially when her co-star Cory Monteith was right beside her.

Favorite wears! Hudson prefers befitting stuff for all kinds of bodies. It could be the seamless sports bra or the cross-back or the multiple strap sports bra. She also takes delight in the snakeskin leggings.

Worthless fitness myth! She had at least one. She came up with this: “I actually really believe in cleansing, but I don’t believe in long cleansing, over 10 days is just too much.” According to her, everybody is different. What works for one may not work for the other. Once you discover what brings out the best in you, learn to enjoy it and the job is done. It is all about emotions borne out of the state of the mind though not an easy thing to achieve for most people.

Fabletics is a discovery for anyone with a taste for athletics It is also great for those who simply wants to look smart. All the apparels display on the site are simple irresistible; not only for their trendy looks but also for the fact that they are crazily affordable. With just $100 you get two to three affordable Lulu-wannabe athletic wears of your choice with no shipping fee on Fabletics, unbeatable anywhere.

Kudos to the co-founder, Kate Hudson, and her team for these amazing collections of athletic wears.

Top Plastics Surgeon Jennifer Walden Comes Back Home

The field of plastic surgery is one that offers a great deal of promise to patients. Plastic surgeons can do marvelous things today. A skilled plastic surgeon can help any patient get rid of preexisting problems such as a birth defect like a cleft palate that may make it hard for someone to function in the world. This is true for Dr. Jennifer Walden, a topflight plastics specialist. She is able to help patients of all backgrounds confront such issues and move past them. As she tells readers of Austin MD Magazine, her aim is to offer the very highest of care to all those who look to her for help. The doctor has chosen this field because she knows she can really be helpful to her patients.

Discovering Her Talents

Dr. Jennifer Walden was surrounded by medicine when she was younger. As a child, she grew up in Austin with a dentist father and a mother who chose to be a surgical nurse. This is why she quickly realized that medicine could also be her own profession. She saw firsthand how her mother and father were able to assist their patients and make them feel better. She wanted to join them in this field. When she entered college, Walden decided that medicine would be her field as well. She chose to major in biology when attending the University of Texas. After doing well in college, she was initially wait listed when applying to medical school. Upon being admitted, she proceeded to graduate second in her entire class here.

Choosing Excellence

It was in medical school that Dr. Walden decided to go for the field of plastic surgery. Very few women have become plastic surgeons. Less than ten percent of all plastic surgeons are, in fact, women. This is a fact that Dr. Walden knows well. She is that rare pioneer who knows just how how she can be a role model for other women who want to follow in her career footsteps and become surgeons. She also hopes to serve as role model for her own adored twin sons.


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Wengie’s Guide to Gua Sha

Wow! I am super excited about this video! In just a few short minutes Wengie will take you on a quick tour into the incredible world of Gua sha, or Chinese facial massage. This technique has been around for thousands of years and is perfect for all your skin needs. First she lists off all the amazing benefits of this practice. Sagging skin? Gua sha. Discolored areas? Gua sha. Eye bags? Gua Sha. It even makes your face look thinner by eliminating toxins and bloating from the cheeks.
Wengie then goes into the short list of things you will need. A chinese spoon, facial plate, or stone facial massager (the one she uses is called the unicorn massager and can be found here.
The only other item you’ll need is a lubricant such as rose hip oil. But if you’re like most of us and don’t have $20 to blow on a small bottle of oil, coconut or olive oil is the next best thing.
After that she goes into a few cautions. Never massage over open sores. Whatever tool you decide to use, make sure that it has no sharp corners or sides, you don’t want to break the skin, just rejuvenate it. Hold your skin taut and drink plenty of water to get the full benefits of the massage.
With that out of the way, she begins. Starting with the forehead apply solid pressure in an upward motion, sweeping the toxins up and out of your face. The unicorn massager fits into the contours of her face perfectly as she gently wipes her cheeks and eye area of toxic build up. Save the neck area for last so you can scrape the junk down into your body where it will be processed out.
In just one quick session Wengie lost 10 millimeters off of her face. How great is that?!


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